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Wearing a crisp uniform, being punctual and respecting hierarchy are just some facets that promote a sense of professionalism at the workplace. How one presents himself or herself and interacts with others are also vital elements to this equation.

Together, these actions provide the connection that professionalism has to a facility’s overall mission of staying safe and secure, as contributor Gene Atherton expounds upon in this week's feature article.
Editor, Corrections.com


The professionalism and safety connection

By Gene Atherton

How respect leads to safety

Of all the words commonly used in corrections, “professionalism” or being “professional” is probably the most worn out catch word. It is used constantly in policy statements and speeches. It is commonly used to refer to someone who follows the rules and does the job well.

In corrections, when everyone is being “professional” the work is being done effectively; it means safety and control are being achieved along with a variety of other positive outcomes for the operating correctional institutions. People work better together and feel better about the job. Read this week's full story.


Regarding On the front lines, 4/15/08

I found the article to be very informative, and I am hopeful the Commissioner’s message of positive change will be realized throughout this department, in Iraq, and the rest of the world. My family’s thoughts and prayers are directed toward peace, in the hope that all of our country’s service personnel return safe and sound to their families. - JE, Westville, Indiana

Regarding Behind the walls, 2/4/08

We need more articles and training reflecting the realities alluded to by Brian Dawe. It seems that the only version of what criminals are like or “what works” is from the liberal PC camp. As a mental health professional who has worked 20 years in the prison system, I don’t need two hands to count the realistic training, seminars, or coverage of what we have to deal with.The ACA and other related organizations don't recognize the extent of lies and manipulation by inmates.
MH, Ohio

Regarding the ongoing debate about private facilities from our readers and contributors, and the articles Dungeons for dollars, 4/7/08 and Counterpoint: Too harsh on private industry, 4/14/08.

One reader wrote, "The other thing to consider is that if there were no need for private prisons then there would be none. People who don't want private prisons should be prepared for higher taxes to build public ones."

I work as an educator in a prison. My response to the above opinion is that the reason for private prisons is not because people don't pay high enough taxes, but because the laws force many more people in prison; even people who have committed minor drug offenses.

Send your opinion.

See what else readers are talking about.


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In Depth Gang Awareness & Investigations

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Date: 6/23 - 25/08
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