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We continue this month's focus on threat groups with a piece by regular columnist Tracy Barnhart. In part one this week, he discusses the first two stages hostage-takers will go through (capture and victimization) and what you can do to survive them. Next week, he concludes with the last to stages and provides more tips on managing these volatile situations.

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When the “never happens” happens to you

By Tracy Barnhart

Surviving a hostage situation

When I was first working in a maximum security juvenile prison I wanted information on what to do if taken hostage by inmates. This was a taboo concept, and as I have found during my research is taboo across the correctional society. It is like a two hundred pound gorilla in the room; everybody knows it’s there but nobody wants to talk about it.

We as correctional officers can no longer have the mindset that “it will never happen to me,” because, it just might. How you react and what you do will be a result of your training, experience, or lack of either. No matter how confident in our abilities we all need more information on survival skills if ever taken hostage.

Every day the news reminds us of how vulnerable COs are to the threat of being taken hostage. Inmates feel as if the prison system victimizes them, and may want to lash out in some manner. They may feel they have to take hostages to coerce the administration to give them even more liberties than they already have. They also might think this is a good strategy to gain the attention of the media, and other civil liberty advocates, so that they can tell those on the outside about their plight and problems that they cannot seem to resolve in a normal, civil manor. More

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Regarding Treating an infection within, 7/11/07
As a previous correctional sergeant in the California prison system, I also have had to deal with the "ugliness within" - gang violence - on a daily basis. Barry's article hits it right on the head: line cops who help the task force officers by passing on tidbits of info - their daily observations - are a boon to the force they work with.

If their info only adds another piece to the puzzle, it will help clarify the big picture sometime in the future, guaranteed. If you see some change in an inmate's behavior that might be pertinent to the task force, give 'em a call - it'll be worth your time!
Jim Evert

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