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Kentucky again, this time $2 million saved and $150,000 given.

I realize this is the second Kentucky story I've posted this month and some of you may be wondering if I live there, but I don't. I'm actually a Connecticut girl, but everytime I look up Kentucky has another somethin' somethin' going on.

This time they've realized a $2 million/year savings from helping veterans transition out of prison [aka keeping them from becoming homeless and cycling back into prison]. read more


Snapshot of an Australian Prison

by Colin Rosewarne

Port Phillip Prison is a maximum security facility for male prisoners, located 18 km south-west of Melbourne. The 765-bed prison has been operated by G4S Australia for Corrections Victoria since it opened in 1997. Approximately 85 per cent of Port Phillip Prison’s population are prisoners serving custodial sentences and the remainder are on remand. full story

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Correctional Facility Superintendent - Vermont

The Vermont Department of Corrections seeks a seasoned proven correctional leader to manage the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility, Vermont’s most active intake facility. full job posting


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How do they get the ash to make tats?

Detention: I’ve been working at the local county jail for about 7 months now, and have seen the tats that are made in there using ash and V05 shampoo. To get the ash they burn something underneath their bunks or inside the small locker and take the soot/ash that has accumulated on the top. What do they use to burn what they are burning? And what are they burning?...

TwelveOzCurl: When our institution stopped selling lighters and matches in commissary, we started finding the inmates had started using “AA” batteries and razor blades from their disposable razors to light their cigarrettes, wicks, etc...

algrob: Our inmates seem to be able to get lighters with no problems. Matches are sold on the commissary. Thanks for the information on the razor blade lighters, will start keeping my eyes just a little more open in the future.

bones46750: One way our inmates light things is using stingers and stretched out cotton from a cotton swab. We call cotton swabs “jailhouse matches”. full thread

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"Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm."
- Democritus (c. 460 BCE - c. 370 BCE) Ancient Greek Philosopher


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