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Our final piece relating to this month's legal focus deals with a lawsuit that we're pretty sure the New York State DOC didn't see coming. An officer filed suit for an offensive manual geared specifically toward female employees. That might not have been the NYDOC's intention, but when today's women are told how to act according to guidelines that seem to come from the 1950s, there's bound to be some controversy.

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Unhelpful hints

By Ann Coppola

When good intentions go bad

Usually, when we give advice, we think we’re being supportive, but despite the good intentions we can end up offending the one we’re trying to help. It would make matters worse if your words of wisdom prompted a million dollar lawsuit, which is exactly what’s happening to corrections officials in New York.

The New York State Department of Correctional Services is in hot water over a handbook it recently had to stop distributing to female officers graduating from the department’s academy. The 19-page booklet was written by officials in the 1980s to help women anticipate the challenges they would face in their new jobs. This seemed harmless enough, except for one problem: the booklet hadn’t been updated in a long time. A very long time. Full Story

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Regarding Understanding aggressive youth, 10/29/07

I thought this article was very informative. I married a man one-and-a-half years after he was released from prison, and it was like walking on hot coals. He was everything you described in your article. He went into the system at twenty-three, however he didn't have the maturity of a man his age, and he didn't have parental upbringing.

Three-and-one-half years later I divorced him for extreme mental cruelty. These individuals need counseling during their stay and after for several years, along with a tremendous amount of support from their communities.

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