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I just finished combat training. The class was an 8 hour class, and as the instructor said, if you don’t practice, you loose it. I had a black belt in Tae Kwan Do, but that was in 90s. I was also a bit younger. So I will take my 8 hours of training and what knowledge I have, and hope it is enough until I can learn more. He was pointing out that as a prison guard, if a guard got into trouble, he might have to hold his own for up to 3 minutes. I work in a small town and at nights, many times we have one deputy on and maybe one city police officer... view full thread

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Supervises and counsels all assigned probationers, parolees and other designated clientele. Interviews client to gather information. Maintains dialogue with client. Investigates and verifies information. Advises client of legal rights. Formulates, develops and monitors plan of supervision for client. Acts as liaison between client and legal and enforcement authorities. Makes contacts, referrals and arrangements for client's housing, employment, education, etc... >> view full job posting

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