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I would say this new officer needs to re-evaluate if he’s capable of doing the job he’s required to do, and fast. If you’ve lost faith in his ability to back you up, by all means, you should confront him immediately about it, as your life could very well depend on his backing you up. Some people are just not cut out to do this job. If your first instinct is to hesitate or run the other way when a fight breaks out, your in the wrong profession. We have a saying where I work, ‘If my partners taking an ass beating, then so am I." If someone did leave their partner, they wouldn’t be here very much longer, I’ve seen it with my own eyes... view full thread

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This is a highly responsible work managing a large state correctional institution, with responsibility for all programs and custody operations. The Superintendent is responsible for the formulation of all operating and security functions and all program functions of the institution; interprets and carries out the policies of the Department of Correction. The Superintendent supervises a large staff in maintaining and enforcing, disciplinary, safety, security, and custodial measures and reports to the director of Adult Institutions... >> view full job posting

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