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Strength training, cardio and lung capacity are the general norm. Go for jogs/runs and when you get where you can do good distances without getting winded start running with either a gas mask or swimmers mask and snorkel on. Looks and sounds goofy but it helps build lung capacity and endurance. Lots of departments actually require you to do part of the test with your mask on. Ankle weights are also a good idea. Work on full body strength... view full thread

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Supervises the conduct of inmates in living areas, during meals and bathing, at recreation, in various testing procedures, and on work and other assignments. Patrols grounds, living areas, perimeter security walls, fences, and buildings. Coordinates and oversees the work of inmates assigned to mechanical, industrial, maintenance, and other operations. Takes periodic counts of inmates. Examines incoming and outgoing mail. Conducts work within established laws, rules, and regulations. Daily interacts with inmates. Receives and accepts inmates in to the facility. Inventory, log and store inmates’ personal items. Categorizes and segregates inmates according to established criteria and practices... >> view full job posting

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