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Technology is great when it works, but the new system we have has numerous glitches that will never get repaired. Another problem is that it crashes often and it takes hours to get it back up and running. I’m of the opinion that it is tragic that facilities will run short on staff because of funding, but always find money to spend on new toys. I’m all for new tools that function properly and are reliable, but have yet to see that happen. As it is we spend to much time on computers doing data entry when we should be on the floor. I hope that your system works better than the other crap that’s out there... view full thread

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In a training capacity, performs security work among offenders at an adult correctional facility. Assist in controlling, directing, and monitoring the activities and movement of offenders during work assignments, meals, recreation activities, medical calls, educational classes, return to cells, etc. Employees work with offenders in a potentially hazardous setting. Please consider this when deciding whether or not to apply... >> view full job posting

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