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To spray or not to spray? That can be a tough question to answer regarding the use of pepper spray. It can be especially difficult when an offender won't calm down or follow orders, and practitioners would prefer to avoid physical restraint. When the offenders are juveniles the pepper spray debate is even more volatile these days. In Ann Coppola's latest article, the Texas Youth Commission authorized the use of pepper spray on juveniles in an effort to prevent physical harm to offenders and officers. Instead the TYC has seen more protests and legal headaches than much else.

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Heated interpretations

By Ann Coppola

Overuse of pepper spray makes some hot under the collar

Pepper spray is widely accepted in law enforcement and adult correctional settings, but when it is used and why, and its place in juvenile correctional facilities is a much cloudier topic. Some see the spray as an inappropriate quick-fix for misbehaving youth; others say it’s a vital security tool. Nowhere is this debate hotter right now than in the halls of Texas juvenile institutions.

The ongoing battle dates back to August, 2007, when the executive director of the Texas Youth Commission (TYC) issued a directive instructing staff to use pepper spray before other methods of physical, hands-on restraint whenever practical. Liberalizing the use of the chemical agent had alarming results: after the directive the average number of pepper spray incidents in TYC facilities jumped from 60 to 250 a month. Full Story

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Regarding Condoms coming soon to a facility near you?, 12/12/07

There are great points in this article. But the main issue is, the inmates are still going to have sexual intercourse in the jails anyway, with or without condoms. It is best to give them the condoms along with the lecture, and hope they past the information on to their partners. Those that actually do pay attention and listen, will also carry the information through entire jail.

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N.H. names female offender administrator

New Hampshire State Prison for Women Corrections counselor/case manager, Annette Escalante, has been appointed as the new administrator for female programs at the New Hampshire Department of Corrections. She will begin her duties at the end of December.Full story

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