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Every time I dash through the toll booths in New England, New York, and New Jersey I praise the geniuses who invented the nifty little box that allows me to dodge the long lines of vehicles moving at sloth-like speed in the other lanes. Inside your Fast Lane or Easy Pass or whatever you might use to get around tollbooth traffic is a radio frequency technology that's been around as early as the 1920s, but it's making quite a splash these days. Retailers love it for security purposes, and more recently the corrections world has been interested in RFID too, which is what reporter Ann Coppola highlights this week. Finally, we wish you happiness, safety and easy travels in the new year.
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Video didn’t kill the radio star

By Ann Coppola

Taking high tech innovation to corrections

The same technology that allows you to zoom through highway tollbooths, zip through subway gates with the flash of a card, or check out a DVD from your local library is growing in popularity throughout the corrections world.

Radio-frequency identification technology, or RFID, which was once used by Russian spies as well as World War II allies to identify friendly and enemy airplanes, is now behind the inmate-tracking systems that are shaking up the security operations field. The hot technology uses transmitters, known as tags, to communicate and to store and retrieve data.

“Everyone in the prison, inmates and staff, wear one of two forms of a radio transmitter that sends a unique signal every two seconds,” says Greg Oester, president of Alanco/TSI Prism, the company that has been providing RFID tracking for the corrections market since 2001. Full Story

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Regarding Heated interpretations, 12/13/07

The use of pepper spray is a valuable tool on the force continuum. Pepper Spray use may have less than a one percent negative affect on a person; that's why it is important to verify any medical conditions that may prevent us from using it.

Juveniles cannot be handled with kid gloves due to the size and the strength of some of them. The use of pepper spray should be monitored and have specific procedures concerning use. In the majority of cases when possible all pepper spray use on a juvenile should be video taped so that his/her behavior can be reviewed and to ensure that proper steps and precautions were used to de-escalate the situation.

Physical restraint places the officer and the inmate at a greater risk during extractions or physical conflict. A pepper spray gives us greater control and ensures the safety of all involved.
James Johnson Jr.

Whenever an effective less lethal tool comes to market, there are always going to be those that want to eliminate it before it ever gets a chance to work. Oleoresin Capsicum, or OC, has been an exception up until recently. Reading the article by Ann Coppola ( Heated interpretations, 12/13/07) in the Correction Connection e-newsletter brought that to light. Read more of Sergeant Barry Evert's opinion.

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BINJ Laboratories

BINJ Laboratories, Inc. is an innovative technology company that specializes in cell phone and signal detection, defense electronics, and corrections and public safety communications. Led by three electronic warfare engineers with over 100 years in system engineering experience, BINJ Labs has developed a first-of-its-kind, wireless Cell Phone Detection System under the direction of corrections technologists from the Federal Bureau of Prison, New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts Department of Corrections. Learn more.

NaphCare, Inc. announces new contract with Hamilton County, Ohio

NaphCare, Inc. a Birmingham - based provider of correctional health care, was recently awarded a contract for the Hamilton County Corrections System in Cincinnati, Ohio. More

Specific Bag Becomes Part of Pacific Concepts

Pacific Concepts, Americas leading supplier of soft storage items for the corrections industry, is pleased to announce that Specific Bag has become part of its operation. More

Bob Barker Company appoints Greta Roach as marketing manager

Bob Barker Company recently announced the appointment of Greta Roach to the role of marketing manager. Greta will be responsible for developing marketing strategies and executing the production of the company's extensive product catalog. More


New Hampshire probation/parole has new chief

Probation/parole officer, Scott F. Harrington, has begun his new duties as Chief of the Manchester, New Hampshire District Office. Full story

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