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Hard to say. I have become an even better criminal then before I got this job. I have over the years torn apart various things locks and security devices to understand how they work and if it is man made it can be man broke. If I a law abiding citizen can pick up tons of new tricks and skills in prison what’s to say Johnny criminal element can’t as well. What really blows my mind is how simple it is to break into houses. Windows can be broken but why go to those extremes when you can use a metal spoon and only leave small pry marks that probably would go unnoticed... view full thread

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This is work performed to provide care and custody of adult prisoners and to maintain order and discipline among the prisoners of the Pierce County Corrections and Detention Center, a maximum-security facility. Employees in this classification are responsible for the operation of the jail on a 24-hour, 7-day-a-week basis, and the direct and indirect supervision of inmates... >> view full job posting

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