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Well the first thing I notice is literally like Mick said you will feel a change in the area. The other inmates will feel it too. The biggest sign is the reactions of other inmates whether it eggs the inmate on or the other inmates are picking up on the same thing they all tend to converge to an area, look towards it, or there is a steady silence leading up to a fight of any kind. When looking at the inmate I have seen the fist clinch and relaxing... view full thread

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The Arizona Department of Corrections aggressively seeks applicants for the position of Warden. The Department has custody of more than 40,000 offenders in 10 prison complexes across the state. Each complex is administered by a Warden and supported by Deputy Wardens that administer the individual complex prison units. The prison complexes are located in one of two regions, with each Warden directly reporting to their respective Regional Operations Director. Prison complexes house offenders of various custody levels, from minimum to maximum... >> view full job posting

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- Lillian Hellman