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The MMPI has been utilized extensively for assisting agencies in trying to determine which personality types they feel are best suited to work with youth, but like any pre-service tool, they are only as good as the supporting training and culture an agency provides to deter negative events from employees. What I have found that works best for new probationary employees are good training and follow-up, an FTO program, open door policy with Administration, clear and concise guidelines and job expectations, and good documentation to dismiss poor employees during their probationary period when it is easiest... view full thread

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The Director of Criminal Justice is responsible for a service area consisting of two county departments which include multiple programs. Utilizing a data-driven approach, the Director of Criminal Justice spearheads County planning efforts for the future of criminal justice within our community including: strategies to reduce recidivism and the jail population, collaborating with community partners to further treatment and diversion programs, facilitating advisory committees to create policy change, and auditing, researching and reporting to further develop Criminal Justice Programs within the County... >> view full job posting

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