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I’m just starting out, in fact graduating from academy this week. Throughout my training, the emphasis is on rehabilitation. A child isn’t locked away forever because they got into the cookie jar! The field is developing programming to assist offenders to de-institutionalize and to benefit on the outside. My state starts the process as early as 18 months (I believe) before the offender “out-date”. They are required to go to classes, many obtain vocational skills long before Re-Entry, and help assist them in finding the opportunities once released. Parole is a vital step in assisting offenders remain productive in the community and to mentor them away from returning to prison... view full thread

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Provides supervision and control of inmates during booking, preliminary holdover, identification, confinement, recreation, visitation, release, and all other aspects of incarceration within a secure facility of the Dallas County jail system. Graduation from an accredited High School/GED program, or have twelve (12) hours from an accredited college or university with a grade “C” or better, and meet all other requirements listed on the current “Statement of Qualifications” sheet which must be signed by each job applicant... >> view full job posting

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