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you have a crime scene..a shanking 2 man cell..the first officer initiates incident command system..they are in need of a supervisor, medical with a man down bag, and a strike team..i don’t know what type of language you use, but it should be plain english during emergency situations. all areas should be locked down..you are first on scene and have a visual of the injured inmate and the inmate that could have possibly stuck him, you give brief updates, your team shows up, the first responder will become your staging area manager…he will tape off the scene, document who comes in and or out..in reality no-one should except for medical... view full thread

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The purpose of this position is to supervise correctional staff activities, determine operations, and assign duties to ensure staff and inmate security during an assigned shift. The work is performed under the supervision of the Assistant Director-Security/Operations... >> view full job posting

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