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While there is no 'silver bullet' to prepare for the possibility of a hostage situation, the answer is and always has been basically two fold. First there is the question of vigilance. With all security oriented activities, the constancy of vigilance in relationship to performance of duties and observation of events and potential ramifications are key. It is of course difficult to maintain alert vigilance on a day to day basis year in and year out. However every effort must be made to motivate staff and maintain as high a level of alertness as can be constantly over time. That implies a need for constanct 'reminder trainings... view full thread

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Provides day-to-day direct supervision to youths in a 24-hour detention facility in a manner that ensures the health, safety and welfare of each youth is in compliance with departmental policies and procedures and all applicable standards. Provides individual and group counseling to all youths to promote and increase personal awareness of responsibilities and alternatives... >> view full job posting

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