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We are with you on this subject. As an oc instructor for the past 20 yrs or so I have experienced the OC power of gravity. (frankly I think it is fun to be sprayedto recert). There is a new form of OCdelivery system that is a vapor. It works fantactic as a cell agent as you cannot see it,just feel it and breath it. It isn’t a fog but rwal fine. Once injected through any opening ( a little bitty tube) and just wait. ZIt really reduces the subjects ability to resist. Just remember it doesn’t always disable them. Some can still fight through it... view full thread

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Ensure safety and security of facility, maintain security rounds and logs, vigilant observation of medical and suicidal inmates and conduct and log daily inmate counts. Control distribution and use of keys and tools. Perform booking procedures for incoming/outgoing inmates, process inmates according to state statutes, maintain booking records and case jackets and record and secure inmate property... >>view full job posting

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