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One's faith can be complicated enough, but trying to discuss it or encourage others to follow it is a slippery slope unto itself. Millions around the world claim that their faith is the cornerstone to how they live. It has brought them salvation or changed their lives in some way. It is this message that today's faith organizations want to bring into prisons and jails. Yet, they find a difficult hurdle to get by when it comes to state run facilities.

Even though these organizations might be able to help inmates, the mix of church and state is either banned or just too muddled for some departments. Despite this, it would seem that every one has a right to practice their faith regardless of where it happens. This week's feature by reporter Ann Coppola explores these issues.
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Keeping the faith

By Ann Coppola

Believing to believe

Political pundits say they can’t remember a U.S. presidential campaign where religion became such a lightning-rod issue so early on, if even for a short time. Between Mitt Romney’s Mormonism and the Mike Huckabee Christmas ad telling everyone “what really matters is the celebration of the birth of Christ,” it seemed that faith was going to be a major presence on the campaign trail.

While that issue may have faded with the candidates, the role of religion in offender rehabilitation is drawing some politicking of its own. The federal government demonstrated its own faith in correctional “faith-based programming” this past fall when the White House Faith-Based and Community Initiative hosted the first ever White House National Summit on Prisoner Reentry. Full Story

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Regarding Don't fight 'em, LUVEM, 2/14/08

I enjoyed reading your site and article. You are doing a great job. It seems like the advice in the pieces can be so simple, but some can't get it. Thanks to you, staff have someone on their side.
Betty Minnich

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