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Emergency Tower Evac.


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Male user raneill 5 posts

Another option In addition to using a stair chair could be a basket stretcher. If full c-spine immobilization is required and the windows are removable a basket stretcher and backboard can be used with rope rigging secured to a solid anchor in the tower. This is another item your local EMS/Fire may have already for high angle rescue.

Male user raneill 5 posts

Various manufacturers make what is called a stair chair used for evacuation via stairwells. Some are expensive and elaborate on the level of a ambulance gurney and other are lower priced and compact more like a folding litter. Ferno and Junkin are some brands that come to mind. Your local EMS/Fire may already have these as part of their response equipment.

Male user vNetsource 1 post

We market a retractable permanent Emergency Escape product. It mounts on a vertical wall or on the structure of a tower and when not in use it is a 6" x " column. When deployed it is a complete egress ladder with a handrail.
http://www.fireescapesystems.com/commercialfixedescape.asp We have placed these ladders world-wide in many airport tower facilities. The design of most airport towers makes adding a secondary egress system nearly impossible. Sometimes there are no solutions. We also have inexpensive portable ladders that are frequently used in commercial applications. Maybe not the best solution, but sometimes the only solution.
Fire Escape Systems

Male user mgjanus 1 post

Have medical stabilize and call local fire department? I would have to believe that fire department and EMT personnel are trained to remove such cases by ladder from buildings. If its an interior tower, make arrangements for security.

Male user CqCasting 10 posts

My co-workers and I have had this discussion going around for several years with our Administration. To this day the scenario remains UN-resolved. Lets see how sharp or how creative you can get. There is no wrong answer, just use your best creative ideas.

Our towers are enclosed with no exterior catwalks. Tower height, about 40-44 feet.
The Exercise: Major control notifies shift that they have a land-line lockout in Tower 6, (line lockout is an emergency alarm system). The Officer is unresponsive and not in view from other vantage points. Radio and other communication systems fail to acquire a response.
Shift sends a response team to investigate, they gain entry and find the officer unresponsive, weak pulse, and shallow breathing. This Officer weighs around 300lbs and the interior structure with spiral staircase makes transport impossible on a litter.

The best option for getting him out is through a window. How would you go about getting him out in the shortest amount of time and as safely without causing injury to other? Were open for discussion…

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