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New CO- Salary Negotiation Question


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Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

Good Enough Degree

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

I have a GED followed by a degree from the school of hard knocks. It’s a little known school but the courses are tough and demanding. the only thing that schooling will do for you is upward mobility in this field and that’s a good thing if that’s what you want. if not, you will have to work a lot of OT to pay for being able to correct most of our spelling and grammar errors…..I know there are a bunch errors in this post, but like I said, GED.
The up side to this is, you get have loads of fun with the likes of

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

Irish is correct. My question to you is: what is your degree in and what are your long range goals? Are you becoming a CO to just have a job or are you looking at a career in Corrections?

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

Usually everyone starts out on the same pay step. Being a C/O isn’t a degree required position so any leverage to negotiate pay on that point is moot. If you’ll be in a union then your pay ranges are locked in via contract. Besides coming in as the rookie and trying to get more pay than the vets isn’t going to make you very popular.

Most departments start out with what is known as orentation training done at the facility of employment. Some people drop out during this time because they can’t handle the reality of the job. This saves the department the time, hastle and money of putting said cadets through the academy when they wouldn’t last to begin with.

We can do it OfficerNew 10 posts

1. I will be a new County CO with a start date in two weeks. I have an undergraduate and graduate degree. Should I ask for a higher step because I have an advanced (Doctorate) degree or let it go? My education has left me saddled with some hefty student loans which I am repaying. However, I am not sure if this is appropriate. Any advice would be helpful.

2. Also, it seems I am going straight into the facility before any Academy Training. Does anyone see a problem with this practice or is this standard procedure? I realize it is permissible statutorily. But, is it the best practice?

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