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CO Jayme Lee Biendl


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Male user Gustav 12 posts

We will fully cooperate with Monroe Police Department in the investigation.

Male user Wiseguy 12 posts

Anyone know what came out of the federal investigation in response to the killing of Officer Jayme Biendl?

Sgm Sergeant Major 53 posts

Shakey you are absolutely correct in your post.

Male user CqCasting 10 posts

Not to ridicule or throw blame as this is the potential of the job we do every day. The risks are real and in place 24/7, anyone who thinks the offenders we’re in charge of are there for your entertainment and you feel comfortable around them needs to re evaluate. The best defense is to stay aware of your surroundings and know where your partners (co-workers) are. We watch each others back so we can continue doing what we do for family, friends and the community.

The best defense we can do for ourselves is to stay alert, keep physically fit and if you can form a sparring program with your co-workers for your off time workouts. We only get one training session per year in defensive tactics and unless you work on a post that requires continued use of force practices, proficiency is non existent. When it comes to a life threatening situation, you have the right to defend yourself. Job site training is not enough, offenders will use anything and everything as a weapon against us. In closing, you do what you have to to stay alive. This job is not worth dieing for.

Flag shakey 191 posts

.Rest in peace Jayme Biendl and may lord take your hand of and walk you thru those heavenly gates and show you the everlasting joys within.

I just love the way administration always back peddles and seem so concerned about our safety and how they never knew that there was a problem in those areas of concern. We’ve had situations where a couple of officers and staff members were seriously hurt or murdered over the last few years, Officers are like “hey, we have a problem with this situation here, can we get this fixed” and it’s always " oh, it’s ok” or “nothing going to happen". only after the officer or staff member gets hurt. or as in a couple of those cases murdered, will they jump up and try to fix it, well at least for a little while that is.

After one staff member was murdered, they implemented the two man (woman) theory, where you had to have another staff member/officer with you at all times or at least have a visual on you. After budget cuts and a couple of years later, it was replaced back to the way it was before, because they now conceder the man down system (which we have carried even before the incident occurred ) as another person, so we are just as well protected as before. (Even if sometimes the system can’t properly locate you and you have officers running around the area, yelling your name to find you???)

It breaks my heart that we have to lose officers because of budget cuts or just plain mismanagement. Is it not bad enough that we have to deal with the criminal master minds and outcast from our communities, because of their social inequities or evil ways . The only resources we have to work with, is our training and equipment both which are somewhat outdated or useless but we also have to be guided by inept, narcissistic leaders and officials that have no real understanding of the jobs we do and are in it only for personal or political gain.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

Deepest sympathy to her family, friends and co-workers. Her murder has been a hot topic on sites that aren’t even related to corrections.

Male user CqCasting 10 posts

I am deeply saddened to inform you that last night Correctional Officer Jayme Biendl was found dead in the chapel at the Monroe Correctional Complex. We have not had a staff member death inside of an institution since 1979, and I am completely heartbroken that I have to share this news with you today.
At about 9:14 p.m., staff conducted a routine count of offenders inside the Washington State Reformatory Unit and discovered that an offender was missing. The suspect was found three minutes later in the chapel lobby and told officers he planned to escape.
An hour later, staff members completed an inventory of equipment and discovered that a correctional officer’s keys and radio were missing. Staff members immediately went to the chapel where the officer worked and found her unresponsive. The staff conducted CPR and called 911. Emergency responders declared the officer dead at the scene at 10:49 p.m.
The suspect is serving life without parole under the Persistent Offender Act. He was convicted in 1997.
We have a number of violent offenders in our prison system that we monitor and supervise on a daily basis. Yet, this is one of the most horrific events that we’ve experienced at the hands of an offender in an extremely long time. We have professional, committed and talented staff members who show up for work without hesitation to ensure the ongoing safety of our communities. And, each day our officers in prisons and community corrections go to work knowing that there is a potential for violence.
We will thoroughly review this incident but right now it is a time to grieve for our loss—the loss of the life of Jayme Biendl, the loss suffered by her family, friends and co-workers, and the loss by each and every one of you who work for this Department.
We will fully cooperate with Monroe Police Department in the investigation of this case. We’ve taken steps to notify next of kin and met with family members personally to offer our
P. O. Box 41101Olympia, Washington 98504-1101
- 2 -
support. Resources have also been provided to Monroe staff to help them get through this difficult and painful time.
We ask that you continue to pray for the family members and colleagues who so genuinely cared for Officer Biendl who lost her life in the line of duty.

Male user CqCasting 10 posts

Correctional Officer Jayme Biendl Information
Updated February 4, 2011

Memorial Funds
Contributions to Officer Biendl’s family can be made at any Key Bank location under the name “Jayme Biendl Memorial Fund.”

Donations for costs related to the memorial service can be made under the name “In Memory of Jayme Biendl” at any Union Bank, formerly known as Frontier Bank. Any remaining funds will be given to the family.

Memorial Services
The memorial service is scheduled for Tuesday, February 8 at 1 p.m. at Comcast Arena in Everett.

There will be no funeral procession for the service. Due to parking limitations, Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS are also asked not to drive large vehicles such as fire engines or ambulances to the service.

Additional information about seating, parking and shuttle service is available on the front page of InsideDOC.

Condolences and Flowers
Condolences for Officer Biendl’s family can be sent to:

Maryann Sutton, Human Resource Consultant
Monroe Correctional Complex
PO Box 777
Monroe, WA 98272

Flowers can be sent to the Comcast Arena, 2000 Hewitt Avenue in Everett either on Monday, February 7 from noon to 5 p.m. or Tuesday, February 8 from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.

Black Mourning Bands
Black mourning ribbons/bands for badges are available through CI. Contact Chuck Prather at Airway Heights to order. (In-stock quantities are limited to 400, with more being produced as requested.)

Bands are also available for staff members at many local retailers. Most companies offer these bands to staff at no cost.

Blumenthal Uniforms
Krosen’s Inc.
Lighthouse Uniforms
Blumenthal Uniforms (Des Moines)
Tactical Tailor
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