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tattoos on juveniles


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Female user Paola118 1 post

It is surprising how many young people with tattoos on the streets look like today.

Warden.bmp Warden Hood 4 posts

Here is the Quanta website for those interested in Tattoo Removal.


Bob Hood, Warden (Ret.) United States “Supermax” Penitentiary – Colorado.

Warden.bmp Warden Hood 4 posts

I just returned from the American Correctional Association conference in St. Louis. I was on a panel which presented “Gang Tattoo Removal as Preventative Medicine and Re-Entry Tool.” It was clear to all in attendance that removing gang tattoos in a correctional setting can be truly transformative for a person reentering society. As a former warden of several institutions, I understand the value of educational, vocational, and social programs in preparing an offender for employment opportunities. Even with all those resources, an applicant with visible gang or offensive tattoos will have a difficult time in society. Nick Bergman, Director – Quanta Cares of Quanta Lasers, was on our panel. He explained how Quanta is “changing the face” of corrections with laser technology. Tattoo removal may be the missing piece of the reentry puzzle.

Bob Hood, Warden (Ret.) United States “Supermax” Penitentiary – Colorado.

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well considering that STG use tattoos to mark their people the admin should be concerned. Right now in Ohio we have the Heartless Felons. They were created in the juvi system and now they grew up and are getting serious foot holds in the adult system. If thats not enough for them to care and try to put their foot down nothing is. But as soon as you take a tattoo gun from a artist they are making a new one that same night. the only thing that gets through to them is when we find fresh ink on an inmate and make thme pay for their AIDS test.

Male user Jetdude 4 posts

I work at a prison where there are juveniles from as young as 14. It is amazing how the administration could care less about inmates tattooing each other. If you are a parent and your kid gets locked up at 16 and you pick him up from prison when he gets out in a year or 2 and he or she has 6 or 7 tattoos on their arms, hands etc… what does that tell the parent about your facility?

I think it tells the people picking up their kids that we are running a day care not a “correctional facility”

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