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How used to the silicon solar panels


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Flag shakey 191 posts

Hey, it’s a infomercial.

piss poor marketing I think……no pictures.

Male user JuliaTolmacha 1 post

Solar cell power generation principle: solar cell is a light, responsive and are able to convert light energy into electrical devices. Photovoltaic effect can produce many kinds of materials, such as: silicon, polycrystalline silicon, amorphous silicon, gallium arsenide, copper indium selenium. They are basically the same principles of power generation is now crystal as an example to describe the process of light generation. P-type crystalline silicon doped with phosphorus available through N-type silicon to form a PN junction. When the light irradiation surface of solar cells, part of photons absorbed by silicon material; photon energy transfer to the silicon atoms, so that the more electrons to move and become a free electron concentration in the PN junction formed on both sides of the potential difference, when the external circuit connected when under the influence of the voltage, there will be current flow through the external circuit produces a certain output power. The essence of this process: photon energy conversion into electricity process. "[size=16pt]Crystalline silicon solar cell production process[/size][size=16pt][/size] silicon "is stored on our planet, one of the most abundance of material. Since the 19th century, scientists have found a crystalline silicon semiconductor properties, it would change everything, even human thought. 20 century, our lives can be seen everywhere in “Silicon” figure and role of crystalline silicon solar cells to form in the last 15 years, the industrialization of the fastest. the production process can be divided into five steps: a, purification process b, the process of pulling rods c, slicing the process of d, the battery system, the process of e, the packaging process.[size=16pt]Solar cell applications: 60 years of the last century[/size] scientists had to be used for space solar cell technology – communication satellite power supply, on the turn of the century, in the human process of continuous self-reflection, for photovoltaic power generation that was so clean and direct forms of energy have become more cordial, not only in space applications, in many areas also show off their capabilities. Such as: solar garden lights, solar home systems, village power supply stand-alone systems, photovoltaic water pump (drinking water or irrigation), communications power supply, the oil pipeline cathodic protection, fiber optic communications pumping power, desalination systems, road signs in cities and towns , highway road signs and so on. Europe and the United States and other advanced countries will be incorporated into the city of photovoltaic power systems and remote areas of the natural world into the village power supply systems development. The combination of solar and building systems industry trend has been formed



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