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Some insects attack on my son's body...


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Female user Kamela 3 posts

May he will get well soon

Male user kevincook 3 posts

Thanks for your post.

Female user Sophia Addison 2 posts

Amid the mid year, when kids invest a considerable measure of energy playing outside, they are especially defenseless against creepy crawly assaults. This is what you ought to do to ensure your youngster.

To diminish the danger of disease from scratching, trim his fingernails. Call your specialist if a chomp turns out to be exceptionally red and swollen, or if yellowish liquid or red streaks show up.

Try not to dress him in splendid garments, which pull in creepy crawlies.

Show him to keep away from bee sanctuaries and fire-subterranean insect hills. Devastate them, particularly on the off chance that you have a youthful kid. These bugs can assault in swarms.

After your youngster plays in the forested areas or grass, search his hair to review for ticks.

Look for prompt restorative consideration on the off chance that he is stung anyplace in the mouth. Extreme swelling in the mouth can rapidly hinder the aviation routes and cause trouble relaxing.
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Male user Peterkevinn1987 5 posts

Just whilst you thought it changed into secure to move again within the water.

A teenager in Melbourne Australia has been attacked via sea insects after going for a night-time swim, leaving his ankles and feet included in blood.

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Female user Shelly palmer 1 post

Hi folks, I am here for my 5-year-old son. His health is what disturbs me right now. Two days back, I noticed that his arm and shoulders have developed with red welts. I was really worried and I suddenly took him to the doctor. The doctor said that he has been bitten by some insects. After returning home, I looked all around the house but couldn’t find any.

He is very naughty and always roam around our house. He loves to play in the backyard most of the time. Yesterday, when he was playing in the backyard I just went to see what he was doing there. At that time only I found a bee swarm in one of the trees. Now, I think it would be the reason for the red welts on his body.

My hubby is not here as he is out of state for a business meeting. I have heard that bees are very aggressive. What should I do to remove the bee swarm? Are power pest control services a good option? Please help me with some remedies.

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