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HepC Pos. Inmates in kitchen?


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Female user mta7035 33 posts

CDC’s recommendations for prevention and control of the Hepatitis C virus infection state that people should not be excluded from work, school, play, child care, or other settings because they have Hepatitis C. There is no evidence that people can get Hepatitis C from food handlers, teachers, or other service providers without blood-to-blood contact.

Doesn’t mean that I necessarily want a known infected person handliing my food, but in reality, do you really know who is preparing any food you eat unless you grow it, cook it and serve it yourself?

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

Actually in NY state the Commission requires inmates who work as Trustees to be examined by a physician prior to being assigned to kitchen duty just for that reason. I know that even an inmate who cut his finger during chow time was removed, taken to the nurse and taken off kitchen duty until cleared. In addition, the Kitchen Supervisor is responsible to make sure all inmates wear a hat to cover their hair in the kitchen and must wear gloves at all times. Many of our officers check the meal trays before they are put in the block for two reasons. First to make sure nothing is missing like cake, apple, potatoes, etc. and secondly to make sure kitchen trustees are not passing notes.

Female user bribit99 2 posts

HepC Pos inmates are medically denied in my facility.

41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

I own number 1 rule is I never take any thing from an Inmate , I don’t care what it is , food , drink , that’s playing with your health, and I never have them walking behind me either. But I guess you could find a Bleeding Die hard Liberal and ask them the same question.. lol

Female user Sgt.MBR 1 post

Does anyone know if there is a law, code or standard against this happening?? The jail I work at used to not do this and now they are allowing it and I’m not really sure I agree… I mean some of our meals that go out are tagged special for certain inmates what if this inmate decides he or she don’t like them ya know… I mean we all know that the majority of the inmates we deal with are already infected but it is still the principle right?

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