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Second Chance Act


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Female user Sarge 3 posts

We have a 17 year old juvenile in our unit. She is our only juvenile. She has a large room that includes a TV area. At first, she wasn’t allowed to interact with the GP inmates in our unit. But our Warden decided it was harming her mental health. She is allowed out with the others as long as she has direct supervision; meaning she sits where I can see her. She also attends school and goes to our gym for rec for 1.5 hours a day. She is in our running group and is in the bee group. She has lots of interaction and has adjusted better for it. When she turns 18 in April, it will be a smoother transition to GP.

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

Best advice is to contact he institution he’s at and ask, In Ohio’s adult corrections, if they are in a seg unit they get an hour rec per day. I believe that we don’t put juveniles in isolation anymore. What you might have to consider is if in fact your son is getting rec but telling you he’s not. We have that a lot of that in the correctional setting, having parents, spouses or attorneys, complaining that their son, husband or client is being withheld privileges when in fact they are not. Not saying this is what’s happening in your case but keep an open mind to the possibility. But if you do have concerns, do call.

Female user sarakrishna 1 post

I am writing to inquire about prolonged isolation for inmates. My son is incarcerated at the Hughes Unit in Gatesville. He is in a high security area based on his line class. He has stated many times that he does not get out of his cell for weeks at a time with no outside time at all. Is this normal? I worry about long term affects in isolation. I need to learn what the procedures are for this type of punishment.

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

During the last 6 years of my career in corrections I did research in the law library for inmates in addition to other duties. I had to read the Second Chance Act to see if it would apply to inmates because they were looking for an easy way out of their sentences. The majority of the act enacted by the US Congress is legislative in nature and involves how the program is funded, how it is administered and by whom. In the last few pages of the act an inmate would have to be “above reproach” to be even considered eligible for the Second Chance Act to take effect. In fact, the restrictions are so stringent that only first time offenders who are not charged with felonies or violent crimes could even apply. I doubt seriously if this will affect many prisoners at all.

41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

Second Chance Act? or should it be called hummm " I’m going to give you a second chance Not to get caught ",,,,,,,,,,,, Please waste my money that I worked so hard for ….

Female user Sweetsugar70 1 post

I think they should not implement it if theres no effect on it, and the same through advantage in their part,


Male user algrob 24 posts

I think that it is just another way for the politicians to throw money at a problem rather than work out a, answer.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

True. Unfortunately most of these offenders are allergic to hard work. They look for the easy (usually illegal) way to make money fast. Unless the laws get tougher, and the prisons aren’t better living quarters for them than the streets, and people are actually afraid to come to prison, recidivism will not be reduced.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

I have said it before and I will say it again. “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink”. It’s all well and good to have all these schemes and incentives but the people they are aimed at have to want to change and alter their way of life. As one inmate said to me once “Why would I want to go straight, get some shitty job and get paid shitty money. When I can rob a bank or sell drugs and get more money in a day than you make in a year slogging your guts out.” Need I say more.

Male user jmonta 43 posts

What do you think about the Second Chance Act? Will it be effective in reducing recidivism?

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