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Drug Testing Employees


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Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

Hey just got tested yesterday, been a few years since the last one hope for the same results :)

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

California’s court passed this drug thing years ago and it set precedence for the other states to follow. I had to do with Correctional Officers complaining about their privacy being violated, the courts ruling stated something like " Due to the nature of our jobs as Correctional Officers we have no right to privacy". Basically it means you have the same rights as an Inmate. NONE. Back them it was a big thing to protect your privacy but as we all can see, society has a way of adapting to the sheep mentality of just follow your leaders for they know what’s good for you. Go back 30 – 40 years ago and the citizens would have baulked at the ideal of anyone demanding you pee to keep your job or play in school sports. You give just a little and before you know it you’ve lost a lot, maybe even to much. Our biggest contraband now is tobacco so are we going to start testing staff for that now, I don’t smoke, so I see no problem for I have nothing to hide. Now on the other hand it they have a valid reason to test, then I all for that.

Male user Alex 16 posts

We pretty much have no testing. I’d be all for it. I mean if you have nothing to hide right?

Male user Brian Langan 1 post

We have a staff of approximately 160 Correctional Officers. All members of the Correctional Emergency Response Team are tested every year and then random staff are tested. It is not a big issue and I think we should be held to this standard. It would not be good to supervise inmates in an altered state or repond to emergencies.

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

The numbers are random. It seems like they pick and choose who they test for a period of time they tested me over and over again. I guess I was on their radar. Either way I got paid to sit around eat lunch and sip on large sodas while watching mid day tv until I was ready to go. Yes there is an active policy and even one for discipline for failure.

Female user bluebloodedf... 2 posts

How many of you are drug tested? How often? Do you have an active policy?

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