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Can we deny inmates access to newspapers, magazines as an incentive for better behavior?


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41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

in our’s they can have that stuff too but if they screw up we can take all that stuff away except for their personals. cup, toothpaste, soap, bible. and they still will smoke that… I have seen over the years people who call them selfs corrections officers that have the bleeding hearts( inmate lovers ) for these inmates should not even be in corrections. it’s officers like that --that get other good officers hurt and on top of that we have to babysit you too. these inmates watch us everyday to look for c/o’s that are like that and then they play you and you wont even know your being played. that stuff get’s me mad everytime. it also seems like these inmate lovers have nothing going for them on the out side , and look for attention from the inmates, and again the inmates will play on that too.

Male user algrob 24 posts

Here in Mississippi hey are allowed access to the media, but again it is a privilege not so much a right. T.V. and newspapers can be pulled for inappropriate actions. In SEG they have access to bibles and books only. And this in a facility that shows movies on the weekends.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

Wow in seg too? and I thought Ohio was too liberal

American corrections officer froghoppinsteps 1 post


Male user RPC 2 posts

IM a CO and I say take it away. They got to earn the right to even watch TV.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Well put Twelve.

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

You’ve obviously never worked in corrections. These people are not here because they are saints, granted some are in for minor infractions, but even they knew they were breaking the law when they committed their crimes, now it’s time to be an adult and take responsibility for their actions. I’m not judging the person, just the actions I see on a daily basis. I didn’t put them here, I just do my job to make sure they serve their sentence as was seen fit by a judge, who was voted in by the public such as yourself. We protect ourselves as well as the inmates and the general public. Don’t believe what your misconceptions may lead you to believe that prison is like the movies. Fact is, our job is to maintain a safe and secure envioronment for the inmates, and ourselves, and to keep these offenders inside our fence, which again, was voted on by the tax-paying public just like yourself. That being said, newspapers and magazines are nuisance contraband in our field. They are used to convey contraband, and even assist in escape plans, that’s why they are an issue. If the parents of most these individuals would have grounded their children, and paid attention to what they were up to, they wouldn’t be here in the first place. Ignorance breeds ignorance. You hug them all you want, we’ll be there to keep them from shanking you in the back while you do.

Female user Blissharshman 1 post

Judge not lest you be judged. I say love these people, for years we have punished and been above thier behavior…but are we? We have more prisons now then ever, something is not working…...Hmmmmm I wonder what God would do? ....I assure you you will be in paradise with me….I think he said that to a thief? Hmmmm do we give them newspapers and magazines? I think it is time for us to get off the high horse and worrie about our own paradise, for we will be accountable someday. If I ground my child forever and never let him out of his room..what will his behavior be? Maybe these people deserve shackes and a cross also? I say give them a hug too….No love… No help

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

In ohio, it seems they get whatever they want. It’s rare that they are not allowed to have these items for some reason. And of course, more times than not, they are used to conceal/convey contraband more than they are for reading anything useful.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

As with us everything like the above (TV, Radio, Newspapers etc) are a privilege. When a Prisoner is in solitary he has no access to any of the above.

Male user CO-n-Georgia 15 posts

most states require us to provide inmates with two source’s of news. this is ussually done by newspaper , tv and/or radio . remind you this is not a right but a privilidge . Magazines those approved by administration is also a priviledge . As with all priviledges violation of rules can result in restriction and/or lose of any priviledge

Male user 1265 13 posts

mbruchshaw, most jails allow novels to be read but not news papers or magazines. With regard to trustees. I was in charge of the inmate worker program in our jail for three years. I am a good judge of people and had a lot of success. Most of the inmates I hired worked out really well. However something happens to inmates when they are made trustees. Human nature takes over and we can see a variety of behaviors such as: theft, arrogance, elitism when they get really comfortable, bossing others around, etc. The fact that they are classified as workers and most likely housed separately from general population is a big plus already. We have to watch how many extras and liberties they are allowed because the more you give, the more most of these folks will take and will demand/expect more.

Male user 1265 13 posts

Yes! because newspapers and magazines won’t rehabilitate the incarcerated. Secondly, unless you have worked with incarcerated people you have NO IDEA what these folks can do/make when given extra building materials. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can watch a T.V. show and know all about working in a jail or prison. Unless you have been there you don’t have a right to dictate or suggest what inmates can or can’t have.

alytle, sorry you were offended by some of the statements made here. I also have a relative serving time in DOC. Stay Safe!!

Female user alytle 1 post

Those that what inmates to have them to have everything ;are bleeding heart liberals and need a tour in the Army , fighting in Iraq. Some of you Ex-Inmates or Inmate Lovers are really ‘Trash’ and just plain ‘Nuts’.

This really shows the mentality of a very few corrections officers!! I am the mother of an inmate, I don’t stand up and preach about my son being wrongfully convicted, because he wasn’t!! He is not a violent offender, he made a stupid mistake and he’s paying his dues. I am not a bleeding heart liberal, I believe in an eye for and eye, but when you start calling those of us who have loved ones incarcerated in any prison facility “TRASH and just PLAIN NUTS” you over step the line between being a good CO and being a DIRTY CO!! People with your outlook on your chosen profession, seem to forget as voters, we TRASHY INMATE LOVERS vote when you sit on your ass and bitch because you have low wages and you are over worked. You are offensive and probably need to chage professions, Mikki Ds is always looking for burger flippers.

Easteregghuntcancelled 1 Igoturback 16 posts

I like the guy down in texas and how he run his place with tents ect.

Female user mbruckshaw 1 post

ummmmm…...okay so these “thugs” have gotten into trouble, so what they did was wrong but if they are in jail and are considered to be a trustee then what? your going to take away privleges that they have apparently earned from good behavior? if they are able to work in the jail why is it so bad that they cant read the paper or read a good book? they are doing thier time and they are paying the price for it right? now maximum security prisoners well….......im not so sure about that if your in there for murder then you should be in a 5×5 cell till you rot…...

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