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Lethal injection… cruel and unusual?


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Male user Bernard Koh 3 posts

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Male user Sahiphopza 1 post

I don’t believe the lethal injection is cruel, but i do agree with it being unusual

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Male user Bernard Koh 3 posts

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Male user Fcarrillo 1 post

One must always view the constitutionality of the crime, not just the moral theme.

Male user JRG 1 post

Seems like summer camp to me

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As the country is shocked by another messed up execution, a capital barrier legal advisor in Texas, a lawful researcher in New York, and the previous superintendent of San Quentin conflict with the death penalty. But its good time to check my these Status for Whatsapp and share as much as you can. Thanks

Female user Sophia Addison 2 posts

As the country is shocked by another messed up execution, a capital barrier legal advisor in Texas, a lawful researcher in New York, and the previous superintendent of San Quentin conflict with the death penalty.

There were just three individuals in the room: Jeanne Woodford, the clergyman, and the man tied to a gurney with tubes leaving his arms. Subsequent to hearing the man’s last words, Woodford flagged the prison guard who was “working the chemicals,” which implies in jail patois that he began imbuements of deadly chemicals that streamed into the man on the gurney. As superintendent of California’s San Quentin, Woodford directed this cutting edge custom of discipline four times. After a stretch as Executive Director of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, she quit to end up plainly Executive Director of Death Penalty Focus, the abolitionist association that supported the 2012 SAFE choice trying to supplant capital punishment with existence without any chance to appeal. In spite of the fact that the submission neglected to pass, Woodford is still working diligently in the development to cancel the death penalty in California.You also get this through Research paper outline

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well I do not see men in orange working around town and know most prisons would rather cut guards they pay for them to supervise community service.

Male user frydd666 22 posts

Campi, The military used to use prisoners for things like cleaning up highways. Ft. Riley had a place called a Retrain Brigade. This was like the last chance before Leavenworth prison. I have seen them out picking up trash along the highways and there was always an MP car there and an MP or 2 usually with shotguns. Sadly, I guess part of the new Army, they closed it down several years ago. I cannot say how effective it was, but I do know those boys weren’t molly coddled. Someone told me they were only allowed to go out 5 miles from post, but I saw them a lot farther out than that. Once they were dropped off, they went out and cleaned the highways of trash and when they were done, a truck came and got them and took them back.

Getty rf photo of cat and praying mantis Campi 227 posts

Well I still think taking an island and letting them loose there while guarding the waters would be a good solution. If they live or die would not matter as long as they do it on their island let them come up with their rules and own society and have cameras on the island so that we can not only monitor them but also broadcast it as a form of big brother or some kind of reality TV show. Then every month air drop in supplies. This would be very cost effective after the facility is acquired and the only upkeep costs would be the security. Then every country from around the world could place their condemned here and we would split the costs so many ways that they would be a fraction of what the current cost is. We could brain storm all day long but sadly until there is clear unwavering discipline given across the board that disregards race, social status, or influence dealing out punishment will be unjust. Then until we catch every criminal for every crime the justice system will not be a true deterrent because people will think they can get away with whatever they are planning and or just plan better. The death penalty should be given out for EVERY murder that can be proven 100% and then any other suspected murder or man slaughter should be given a flat time like 50 years. Then while we are on the subject the current prison system is a joke it’s a place to store people away from others. They need to be made to contribute to society in some way while the tax payers are footing the bill. They should use them to tear down derelict buildings and clean streets. They should do the jobs everyone says needs done around the town but the cities say they just don’t have the man power.

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