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unfairness in corrections


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Female user EW 1 post

U were fired and then rehired?

Male user denverW 1 post

It’s sad to know but we should admit that there are really correctional institutions and even other government institutions that plays unfairly with the existing policies and laws and I really hate such thing. We are born equally in this world so we should also be treated equally by whoever individuals that we encounter. In fact, there is this news that I’ve just known. $25 prison visit fee in Arizona leads to lawsuit. The Arizona government would like to use prison visits as ATMs. The prison visitor charge will go towards the maintenance fund for the prisons. This is despite the fact that the fee is being called a “background check fee”. They would be lucky enough if the concerned institution with human rights would not identify such action as a human rights violation.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

I hate to hear about it, too. The OP isn’t clear but it sounds suspicious to be terminated by “following policy.”

Male user ThePickle 8 posts

Sorry to hear that batman59.

I think the longer you work in corrections the more you see certain inequities. Politics and the good ole boy system still have a major influence on the day to day decisions and the best we can sometimes do is keep our head down, do our eight and hit the gate. After 22 years and after seeing ALL kinds of this B.S. I have to focus on my primary task of protecting the public.

When the shit storms are brewing sometimes the only thing you can do is put on a poncho and soldier on.

Male user batman59 5 posts

i work for corrections for a total of sixteen yrs and i enjoy the job. but because i followed policy, i was terimated and my cerfication revoke by post unfairly. by a bunch of old fat paper pushers that never work inside a prison in there life. fire rehire because the warden was having sex with a another officer. corrections have change. i have seen my share of weak officers letting inmates get drugs cell phones but me i get shafted by the dept.

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