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New guy here, juvenile jail staff


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Male user Gunfighter 21 posts

Grumpy, you are in a no win situation. If I read between the lines you want to do a good job but you feel like you are between a rock and a hard place and under appreciated. I too work in juvenile corrections in Ohio. They do not want to do what is necessary but just keep away from the legal systems but then again we all want to have the mentality that these thugs should not get anything. Yet we are not in the position of making that decision now are we. You either have to realize you are there to enforce the rules, report violations and keep a good attitude or walk away from the career. When you cross over the line to the individuals who are just there for a check, your attitude changes and everything seems wrong and bad. This is when you begin to drink, do drugs and bitch a lot more just to feel good about your career. It is not worth it brother.

Female user Kellie 14 posts

it is my humble opinion…..YOU NEED TO GET THE $%& OUT OF THERE!!!!

I cannot blame you for being as burned out as you are. Save yourself and look for work elsewhere. It really worries me that my fellow brothers/sisters in this career area experiencing this. We all feel like we are in this type of situation, but when you hear from someone that is totally in that environment my heart goes out to you.

Get on your bicycle or go to the gym and work out that frustration. It is so hard to be active when all you want to do is go home and hide and drink to make yourself feel better. I totally understand. There are times when I have to be forced to get out and bike or run or do somthing that will totally wear me out! Get a friend or spouse that will force you to get out and work up a sweat!

Get out and look for other work!

Let us know how it is going.

Male user chacha 1 post

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Female user StuckinOZ 13 posts

I can identify with a lot of what you said, Grumpy. I work in a similar facility with similar problems, however administration would drop dead before they would give us any overtime, and in this economy we all could use it. This is a second career for me and I make about half what I used to make, but I don’t work nearly as hard. I enjoy working with the “clients” and have only experienced a couple of situations where I was threatened or hurt in a scuffle. For the most part, I have the kids’ respect, probably because I am older, female, and can talk to them about things other than their crimes. Is that making a difference? Who knows? Probably not, but for the moment someone is listening to them and encouraging them. Don’t get me wrong…I’ve had plenty of problems too. When things get out of hand, I follow protocol and use the available methods to get things under control. However, like you expressed, administration doesn’t support those actions, and most of the time any punitive measures are dropped.

Have you thought about going to school for another type career? If I was younger, I’d go into the medical field. It is an “in demand” career field and always will be. You are young enough to retrain and get yourself into something that you might really enjoy…and even make better money. Good luck.

Male user wvco 3 posts

38special, The main factor would be why you were fired from your last job. Also, whether you are wanting to go federal, state, or local will be an issue.

Female user 38special 1 post

I am interested in working in corrections but I was fired from my last job, so I wonder what are the main issues that can ruin a person’s chance to get a job in corrections?

Male user DOII Webb 1 post

I have to been in a similar situation. It is the penjulum of justice it swings from no tolorence to hug a thug, very rarely in between. As a nation we were in a hug a thug period, but with violent crime on the rise and younger perps it is gradually tilting back to nail’em and jail’em. As you said your self PAY AND BENIFITS are perks of a state or gov. job. Ride the waves and make the best. AS LONG AS YOU DO YOUR PART, AND GO HOME SAFE. BEST OF LUCK and GOD bless! (excuse the spelling…. lol)

Male user grumpy 7 posts

don’t understand how you can say I am like the coworkers

I show up for work on time,I don’t call off all the time—maybe once every 3 months and even then noone else gets stuck doing a double shift for it

I have experience working with these thugs—I can hold my own in a fight/restraint situation

I follow the rules and don’t give contraband to inmates

explain yourself please

and I’m pretty much stuck where I’m at for the pay and I need 3rd shift so I can watch my kids 8 and 11 when there isn’t school

this area of N east PA only has a hospital ,nursing homes and prisons

Male user CO-n-Georgia 15 posts

Grumpy , read what you wrote you have become just like the ones you are grumpy about . Its time to get in check or check out.

Male user grumpy 7 posts

39 yrs old 6’3 280lbs former army national guard medic

I started working in juvenile corrections or treatment is what they call it here in N east PA about 9 yrs ago I started in a dorm type building with a private run facility was pretty great back then except for the low pay but it was a big change from busting my ass in factory jobs

anyway back then we the staff controlled everything 3 staff and 15 residents ages 16 to 20 it was a fun job because we didn’t fight everyday we sat around bullshitting and watching tv, having group discussions and really getting to know these guys and give them advice for the future

2 yrs later I transferred to the bootcamp part of the facility for better working hrs I worked 9pm to 5am so I could watch my kids at home during the daytime , bootcamp was fun but not strict enough in my opinion

3yrs later I go to work at my current job-its a state job but heres where it gets ugly-its run by DPW dept of public welfare so they are very very soft on the residents or inmates—this place was a shock hardcore gangbangers from Philly and the rules were/are very very soft so it is very unsafe and staff get no respect we have had riots and people are out on permanent disability due to various health problems

I work 11p to 7a but for the past 4 yrs I have been very stressed out because we get mandated for 16 hr shifts all the time and my coworkers are spoiled state workers with lots of sick time to burn so they call off—mostly on weekends

we get zero training in self defense we are understaffed so they have been hiring whoever puts their name in with the proper college degree-so thats where it gets even uglier-they higher young 21 yr old college kids skinny little boys and not so skinny girls-the girls fall in love with hotshot Tyrone from Philly and start having sex and bringing in contraband like—wire cutters cell phones drugs etc etc-its only a matter of time till they bring a gun in

so we have no training we have way too many females so when shit hits the fan the big male staff have to handle everything and the females run away

like I said this is called juvenile treatment—we are not given corrections officer training or weapons or pepper spray just a radio to call for help and most of the time nobody can hear the call or they are already working a 16hr shift and too tired and or lazy selfish to come running and help

I need a new job in a bad way I am miserable at work and home—I’ve gained 30lbs in the past 2 yrs from drinking beer

someone is gonna get killed in there

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