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Food Attitudes


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Sgm Sergeant Major 53 posts

Where I’m at I have no idea how they come up with the menus. If I had given this type of food to the inmates in the military correctional facility we would have had daily riots. The food is just plain nasty. But for some of the inmates, it’s a step up I suppose. The COs food isn’t much better. Most of us either bring in our own or order out.

Svt FordSVT 60 posts

In Canada, our inmates eat well. 4000 calories a day well. Keep them fed and docile is the attitude. Our food is not bad really. Our kitchen trades person/officer is a Red Seal Chef. Most of our clients are over weight.

Srt misc 266 Striker 34 posts

we have the same in ohio…like WHS said there’s certain days and meals that the inmates like…as for healthier foods it’s the same everywhere with budjet cuts..some here have suggested gardens grown by the inmates but everybody says it would cost too much..I say let there familes provide the equipment and seeds and the only thing we could provide is the space.

Male user WHS 13 posts

Actually, our meals are set by the state dietician and are healthier than what most of us eat regularly. In fact, I have argued that we spend too much. For example; In Washington we are required to provide 16pcs of fruit a week for each inmate. Heck, we spend over $90,000 a year on apples, in just one institution and that is at a reduced rate (because we are in apple country). You can double that in some of the more urban institutes. Not all states can get away with what Sheriff Joe is doing down in Az., by serving bologna every meal.

Female user GoodSource RD 4 posts

I’ve tasted some of the food too and it really isn’t that bad. I think it’s the best it can be on such tight budgets. It would be great if more healthier foods could be made available but I know they are mostly cost prohibitive. I appreciate your comments and if any one else wants to chime in I’d love to hear. Thanks!

Male user WHS 13 posts

Yeah, it sucks! ha ha
Actually, the question should be, have you ever tried it? That will give you the best indicator.
I know here, some meals are liked better than others, which is typical. Inmates never miss pancake morning, and they prefer peanut butter and jelly with sack lunches (in leiu of the meat like substance).
Personally, I have been a “taster” a couple of times, and while not overly impressed as it was pretty bland, it was not bad.

Female user GoodSource RD 4 posts

Hello! I was wondering if anyone had a comment about the general perception of the food in Corrections? What foods are liked the best/worst etc. Any insights would be apprecisted! Thank you.

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