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Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

I sure they do or at least should, be a waste of money and time to train someone, then have to let them go because they failed the background invest.

Male user ABNRECON82 1 post

Does anyone know if now in 2014 they complete your background investigation before you receive a bonafide offer of employment?

Image Rear Gate 2 posts

The cutoff age to begin your career with the BOP is 37 and the age to retire for federal employees is 57 in order to satisfy the 50/20 retirement rule.

Flag1 1 shakeyjake 112 posts

Yes I to was a MP back in the 80’s and also a VA police officer and there is always some bravado talk that goes on in the back rooms. I have also seen the same thing in corrections and yes it is worse but it’s a harmless way to relieve stress as long as it’s just talk but we have in today’s culture a sensitive nerve that get stepped on so they blow it out of proportion to make us look bad.

Remember we work with the not so nice people, so do as RCJ says and keep your soul intact, no matter who you sold it to :).

Male user RCJ 49 posts

I agree with squeeze, khalidet, in a very short time you will see the light. I respect your service to our great country, but the only way to survive this trade is to keep your soul in tact.

Male user RCJ 49 posts

I agree with squeeze, khalidet, in a very short time you will see the light. I respect your service to our great country, but the only way to survive this trade is to keep your soul in tact.

Male user Squeeze 135 posts

ASs for the language on here, we are talking amongst ourselves. Obviously if we were talking to inmates of in public we would change our language, but here we can let go a little bit. Yes I am well past 50 and on the doorstep to 60 but I still teach defensive tactics and though not in an officers position I still have inmate contact as a Classification officer. But my parents were in the Fed Gov for 34yrs (non-law enforcement) and they are not oo flexible with the policies. remember that Law enforcement, especially Feds don’t have to follow all of the fair labor laws so they can discriminate overtly on some level.

Male user khalidet 1 post

I was just hired onto the BOP within the last year and when I came in I was told that the cut off for retirement was 50 because they believe that after that people may become too much of a liability due to the nature of the job (fights, scuffles, ect.). That isn’t too much worse than any other federal agency to include the military. I have spent 7 years in the Army as an MP and had seen some civilian DOD police tat were well into their 50’s that I wouldn’t trust to have my back. I know there are a lot of 50 yr olds that can hold their own but it is because of a few that it is ruined for all. I am also disapointed in some people’s profesionalism on this site. As law enforcement I’m sure we all know that wording is everything, so why do we have people talking about how they kicked an inmate’s butt? I’m sure you could word that in a way where we will still understand what happened and still keep it professional being that this is a public site.

Male user pookii 12 posts

Unfortunately I have to agree with the negative postings here. I was 33 when I began my masters of criminal justice program and 35 when I applied for the BOP. I was one point off the grading matrix and told that due to my education and time on the job (13 years) that the BOP would gladly hire me. When the test examiner asked about my age, 35, and my birthday month, he told me that the one point would drop off two weeks after my max age. At the time, BOP would not hire after 36th birthday. FBI, to which I applied also, would hire up to the 37th year. They changed that last year to the day of the 37th birthday. The whole age issue makes sense, unless the person is physically able to do the job. BOP, FBI, etc are all short on people. Common sense would seem to indicate that they would change the age requirements, make exceptions, (other than vets!!!) etc. If they are worried about retirement, then they can still force people out, just make the monthly payments directly related to how much time you put in, like my state does. 30 is the age when people just start becoming mature. The only reason why Law enforcement like them young is for the reason the military does: you can brainwash a 21 year old who know’s nothing about the world, but a 30 year old that’s been around the block may look at you funny when you tell them to storm the beach: that’s what artillery is for they may say. Training is not an issue because if they want the job they will learn the new idea. BTW: if younger is better, then why does the constitution have minimum age requirments for House of Reps and the Senators?

Male user FIRST SERGEANT 6 posts

I have been with BOP now for nearly 16 years. I have seven more to go and I have to retire. 57 is too young to retire, but that is what the law and OPM guidelines dictate. Do I like it? Heck no. If one is both physically and mentally able to perform the job at 57, it seems a shame the BOP tosses you aside like yesterdays trash. If I could stay until 62, I would jump at it. The BOP is quick to let experience go because of age. You would think that they would push for a change in the retirement age so as to keep the experience level high for a longer period. But I do know that there are some who can’t wait to hit the door, and thats fine. Not everyone is like that and its those who still want to work should in some way be afforded the opportunity to stay a little longer.

Female user earkward 1 post

I have a doctorate degree in forensic psychology
Looking for a career in B.O.P. institutions in Houston, Texas of a city in texas!
Any input to help me with B.O.P. jobs!
T.S. Alex
e-mail: talexa1@sbcglobal.net

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

In some states Judges must retire by age 75 but the US Supreme Court stay until they die or fall off the bench I guess.

Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

I’m not sure what age Ohio forces retirement. But I do know I’ve worked with a few guys who looked like they rode on the ark with noah, sliced the first loaf of bread and could tell you how happy they were when dirt was invented.

Male user kvnstaub 5 posts

Just another example of the Federal govt not having to obey their own laws. FAA also requires/forces airline pilots to retire at age 55. How’s that for age discrimination.

Correction officer jamestown0509 313 posts

Actually the feds do that for almost all law enforcement jobs. For most of them you have to retire at age 55. I did hear recently that the FBI has increased the retirement age to 65 because they are short of agents (most of them leave after only a few years). Part of the reason might be a liability issue or worried about an officer having a heart attack on the job, getting seriously injured or disabled. The state facilities and county jails usually are more lenient as they will let you stay for 40 years or more if you want to.

Horn toad Transporter 41 posts

I gotta inject a comment on the BOP here. I was a transport officer for three years (now a classification offocer). I dealt only with federal inmates for the last year and a half. I visited many fed prisons and liked what I saw, BUT…When I asked about getting on in a fed prison I was told I was past the limit for age by 10 years. How’s that for irony? The government (EEOE) says to all the mom and pop businesses: "You better not discriminate on the basis of sex, color, religion, or age or we will shut you down. THEN has the nerve to tell a guy with a perfect record and 5 years experience that he can’t get hired because of his age. LOL

Northwest hounded police animated avatar 100x100 90714 prznboss 44 posts

Sorry so long to respond Squeeze. Been on vacation. We always have corrections officer openings. The penitentiary in Rawlins currently has about 40 openings but all 5 facilities have openings most of the time. We’re one of the few states that haven’t had to do layoffs or have furlough days.

Male user Squeeze 70 posts

Hey prznboss, I am 3 1/2 years away from retirement here in a county jail next door to the east. I’ll have 32 years, 3 prisons 2 jails and a need to move west. Got room there for an old country boy? We here in the county have to mee the rule of 75 for pension eligibility. 20 yrs gets you 40%, 25 gets 50% and 30 gets 60% maxed out. I’ve got alot left and with a 6 year old I am not ready to quit yet. BOP is a good deal unless your over 37 to start. Trained with some BOP people and they were good folks. CERT, PPCT etc…

Male user kvnstaub 5 posts

Be nice if they would hire if older than 37 and you had to opt out of retirement

Northwest hounded police animated avatar 100x100 90714 prznboss 44 posts

The federal government’s supposed to be the great defender of civil rights but they’re the biggest discriminators there are. I just kicked a 25 year old inmate’s butt just the other day but I’ve been too old to get on with the feds for quite a few years now. Oh well, I wouldn’t want to ever have to leave Wyoming anyway!

19532 1085057063396 1735490501 158429 3095518 s Smilie41 6 posts

Hello: In Saskatchewan (canada) our government says that we have to put 30 years in corrections before we can retire…our age and years of service has to equal 80…so for instance I have been there for 20 years and I am 42 so I have another 10 years left so I would be 52 when I retire!!!

Male user kevin s. 2 posts

not a veteran, i understand the law but just funny to me how the gov says you cant descriminate as a employer but i thinks this law is discrimination because its saying once your a certain age your not good enough on both ends of the career scale! JMO

Bop bronze seal BOPRecruiter 9 posts

Public Law 101-509 establishes mandatory retirement age of 57 for federal law enforcement officers. 100% of Federal Bureau of Prisons positions are covered under Federal law enforcement retirement and you must work 20 years to collect retirement. If you want to learn more, visit www.bop.gov or www.usajobs.gov. But as with most regulations, there are exceptions. Mission critical medical positions, doctoral level Psychologists up to age 40, Chaplains of some faith groups and – new to the exception list – “preference eligible veterans” or their “derive spouse.” If you think you might be qualified for the veterans exemption, learn more at www.fedshirevets.gov or contact your local Veteran’s Rep or Transition Assistance Program Manager. Yes, we are hiring.

Male user kevin s. 2 posts

i would apply to BOP but since im 39yoa i am descriminated against, WHY? im in way better shape then most and have been in this field since 89. why can gov descriminate against your age but other employers cant!

Male user Niv 12 posts

I have familiy in the BOP and they say it is way better than state matter of fact I also applied to start A carrer in FBOP.
Were Im from the State prison system here is HELL but the pay is out standing the new prison that is going to be online in about 6 months is were I applied after familiy has told me State is A hastle and Fedral is were you want to go ….I dont know if thats true but I do know that the person telling me this info is not visibly stressed in way whitch some of these forum writer’s and columnist’s are saying A normal C/O’s life is.I do understand that every facility is diffrent but this one is close and theres all new staff so I’ll take my chances in the ow Security Facility first ,than rather go to A state job …..and suffer furlough’s

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