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On the 10pm - 8am Shift.


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Male user gratefuldad 3 posts

I work1700 to 0500 in Ga http://sparkdaddy7.angelfire.com/blog/

Male user algrob 24 posts

Down here is south mississippi I work the 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. shift. I have every other weekend off and the weekdays revolve around if you have the upcoming weekend duty or not. It can get confusing, but it works. Would like to correspond with others on the job.

Male user grumpy 7 posts

1st 2yrs in juvenile treatment/corrections I worked 1am to 9am then transferred to the bootcamp part of the campus to be a drill sgt 9pm to 5am 2004 I went to work for my current employer-dept public welfare state of PA and I work 11pm to 7am but get mandated for double shifts-11-7 then 7-3 all the time because we are short staffed and the staff we do have call off sick all the time

my experience is 3rd shift workers are looked down on all the time and not given the same respect as the 7-3 3-11 staff-they consider the shift a necasarry evil-they don’t like how easy our job is but they don’t jump on the open bids when they can-they also don’t understand the stress and how hard it is to sleep and the stress of not knowing if we will be allowed to go home at 7am—this stress is every single day-we just don’t know if enough people will show up at 7am until it is actually 7am

and I am so tired of waiting for people to come in-the slow lazy people who have to run to get a big coffee and then show up 15 minutes late everyday-and then they get mad when I put in for OT-they take advantage of not having time clocks-they falsify the sign in sheets and say they were here at 7am-say they worked to 11pm when they actually ran out the door at 10:45-bullshit

Male user CO-n-Georgia 15 posts

I work the 10pm to 6am shift 6 days on 3 days off in georgia. I have been in corrections since 2001. I spend the majority of the time on day shift . To keep from getting burnt out about every 18 mnths I do the night shift for 3 to 4 months

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

2200-0600 5 days on 2 off.

Male user BCDC62 1 post

esco11, how does the 4 on, 4 off work – 12 hour days? It sounds worth a look.

Male user OfficerMerc 8 posts

I work 2200-0600 shift 6 on 2 off

Male user ecso11 5 posts

where i work we sork 12 hour shifts, we work 6-6. we work four days and off four days, we all love it

Female user sms 1 post

For SBraun

Are you by chance working for Sherburne County? Either way, I was looking into applying for a Corrections Officer position but have questions I’d like to ask someone who is fairly new. If you read this post and would be willing to chat with me, my email is smspence73@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Female user SBraun 1 post

I am in Minnesota and work the 2200 to 630 shift. 6 days on 3 days off. I’m only 3 months into this and would enjoy others (male or female) to chat with as well. Would enjoy hearing about interesting “things” that happen elsewhere.

Female user ladygoodwrench 1 post First time here in forums... I work in Missouri.. 10PM to 8AM... ten hour shift 4 day work week... Always looking for people in same occupation to converse with...

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