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story of a stupid inmate


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Female user sheldon043 2 posts

It’s funny cuz, some inmates know that jail/prison is the life they are just gonna be livin’. Just like in the outside, it’s a life, they chose. Other inmates (sometimes) have greater confidence in the Officer keeping them safe and being fair as they are….In that life/house. Other inmates appreciate the fact that a Officer is willing to keep that consistancy for the sake of their living out there sentence/life. In turn the duches get a beat down, in thanks to that Officer being they way they area and have always been. It’s kind of fuck’ed but….it is what is. Officer’s do what they do and Inmaes change and Officers fight stay the same.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

I’m a big believer in quotes. Saying something like an inmate “used racial slurs” or “threatened bodily harm” carries much less impact.

Male user payabonTim 3 posts

Stupid games get you stupid prizes. How does he like his stupid prize? :)

Male user BOP CO 3 posts

Too many stupid people, not enough jail cells

Male user algrob 24 posts

Sounds inbred to me.

Male user The Bull 4 posts

Sounds fair to me too.

David deshep 4 posts

An inmate we had last month had stolen a car. Onstar shut off the engine and locked the doors. He was trying and failing to kick out a window when the police arrived to arrest him. It is no wonder we never get laid off.

Horn toad Transporter 41 posts

Sounds fair to me!

Online avatar HijoDeDiosMRM 12 posts

I have an inmate in my unit who has been disciplined several times for directing profanity toward staff.I opened the cell door so that he could go into his cell to get some coffee.While he was in there, I told him to close the cell door and to press the intercom beeper when he was ready to come back out into the dayroom.He went in and left the door open,so I called him on the intercom and asked him why he left the door open.He responded with “I’m getting some G@##^%&&&((& coffee.I then ordered again to close his cell door.I left the intercom turned on and listened to and recorded every word that he was saying.He called me a racial slur several times and said to his cellmate that "I don't care what that no good BLACK M&&%^ F###$ thinks."He's nothing but a "no good BLACK M$$#^& F&&%4” On the discipline report I wrote it exactly as he said it word for word.When I presented him the discipline report,he responded with “Boss,I admit that I called out of your name,but I DIDN’T say that ,please don’t write me up again.I have to live with these people everyday,you don’t.” A few minutes later the sergeant called him to come to his office,and when returns my unit he says to everyone in the unit that I am racist and that G%% D*& officer is liar.He then shows his copy of the discipline report to a black inmate and calls me a racist again.The black inmate wanted to pound him into the ground immediately.Two days later,he was “pounded into the ground” by three black inmates.My sergeant told him that he was going to go to the Disciplinary Detention Unit for five days,but because he initiated the fight he was sentenced to serve fifteen days in Disciplinary Detention after he returns from the hospital.

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