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Halloween 2 Turnkey 9 posts

Welcome to life in the joint. as you have found out, the relationship between CO’s is much harder than that with inmates (inmates will always behave like inmates) I have been pounding the floor for 21 years and have learned alot about staff interaction. I always advise new CO’s to forget everything they were taught out in the fancy schools and learn from the inside. Keep your eyes and ears open! Forget about offering your opinion because the staff won’t respect you and your knowledge yet. Follow the actions of staff and find one who seems to have the work ethic you were trying to develop. Ususally you can approach these officers because they will think like you and be willing to show you how it’s done. DO NOT use short cuts which will develop into bad habits. You will not get any respect from anyone that way! You must know how to operate within the walls properly and safely first. You can slowly make changes to your routine as you deem them necessary later in your career. Stay the line and protect each other always!

Female user DATS168 8 posts

I was interested in this topic because I am new and also find this “culture” to be like any other I have experienced. I expected to be burned by inmates. I did not expect to be burned by staff. Instead of helping new staff, they go to the supervisor. The supervisor tells me they say I’m not doing things right but he can’t/won’t give me examples. I can’t fix what I don’t know. I feel like I am blindfolded and my hands are tied, and I am being told to fix what’s before me, but they won’t let me see what it is. I was very excited to come on board. Most days now, I wonder who I can trust. I AM asking staff to give me feedback- that I will not be offended… that I recognize they have more experience working in this setting than I have. I think an institution would be most secure when more seasoned staff help new employees become their best. I am not seeing this .I am feeling disillusioned.

Male user bestinstatek... 3 posts

In corrections there is always going to be conflict between Deputies. There is always going to be that one person that thinks like a one upper. You are there to do you job and keep you and your fellow officers safe. If there are problems like johnny is saying it falls on the supervisors. The supervisors need to know how the morale is on their shifts or watches, if they don’t know the problems will never get fixed. It is common to have a friend as a co-worker all I can say is keep work at work, and personal things at home. In the end we are here to keep the inmates locked up and not on the streets.

Male user 125.25 16 posts

Hey Johnny pony up, this is the nature of the beast, doesn’t matter what facility you work or what patrol car your in the co workers have game and you need to know how to play the game. To many factors to consider, for example, you became friends with a co worker and you confy with this person, you may have said something about another worker to this friend, it turns out that this friend was related to this person you were talking about the next thing you know your on a sh1tty assignment for life. Send those lesbians this way maybe i can turn them.

Thinblueline riggsville 39 posts

Johnny, I have to agree with Mick. Here in Jacksonville, our S.O. has three facilities: Pre-Trial Detention Facility, Montgomery Correctional (prison farm) and our work release/theraputic community facility. Each facility has it’s own “personallity”, rightfully so. Each has a unique mission. That being said, Officers HAVE TO HAVE EACH OTHER’S BACK. period. Granted there may be the “Hazing” of sending you for an “India Delta Ten Tango” (IDIOT) Form and stuff like that, but the things you share are totally unacceptable and they only exist when supervisors ain’t supervising. Unfortunately, all you have control over is how you react to the problems.

Male user Squeeze 70 posts

There are different cultures within correctional facilities. No two the same, none perfect. I have worked in 3 prison facilities and 2 jails. each had it’s own culture. Don’t give up and fall into the traps left you by the inmates. Consistancy in behavior and m/o of officers differs between individuals. Simply remain as consistant as you can be so that inmates know what to expect from you, they will conform to your M/O because they know you. Now you must know them!!

Male user rob 1 post

each day befor i come to work i say 12 bible verses in which to help me along the days journey . and with the help of the dear lord i make it through every day with a sound mind and a good feeling . there will be no doubt triles and stumbles where ever you work but you CAN overcome !!! if you like these verses ill be gald to tell you ..just let me know ..keep your chin up do your job and dont feed into any neg activity..and you will make it through..

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

It sounds as there is something seriously wrong in your institution. Yes the are some personality clashes in most work places but nothing the likes of what you are describing. I get the feeling that supervisors are not supervising and managers are not managing and morale is on not just on the floor but several levels below it.

Male user Johnny 1 post

I have been in Corrections for about a year and I have seen more people have problems with CO’s than inmates. Can anyone explain this? The lesbians are jealous, the pretty women are most hated, attitudes run rampant and CO’s come into the pod just to start trouble with inmates and then they leave the pissed off population for you to deal with. It seems like if you try to be a nice person they see you as weak and decide to run over you. If they are a real prick I have seen people leave them in the dorm for an extra bit of time. I have also seen people write up other CO’s with BS Cases for writing their friends up. I love my job and doing it professionaly.

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