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Batons, carried by Officers


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Remle riflepg irish assassin 286 posts

I know this is an old post but i had to throw in my $.02 on this one. Coming from a maximum security setting where every member of custody staff carried cuffs, keys, OC spray, and a PR24 baton at all times I’ve seen both sides of this discussion. On the pro, a baton when used properly is a very useful tool. Not only to they let you up the force a notch when needed but they also come in handly for leverage in several restraint and escort techniques. Another side is most inmates who know what a baton strike feels like usualy don’t want a repeat performance. Now on the con, yes there are plenty of cases of staff assaults with their own equipment. This is usually (but not always) due to poor retention habits or lack of training in proper carry/use. Any good weapon instructor will tell you that proper retention and control is just as important as proper use reguardless of what it may be firearm, OC, or baton. I can say from personal experence that getting cracked with a baton hurts like hell, but thankfully it wasn’t an inmate that had control.

Male user bestinstatek... 3 posts

True there has been C/O’s or Deputies that have had their own batons used on them. As long as the officer is trained the right way to use their equiment there should be no problems. The officer also has to know his suroundings. If a inmate is that close to you to get your baton then the officer has not done is job right. No officer should bring a pocket knife in a jail or prison, all that is doing is bringing a weapon into a secure area where is could be used. As for keys 125.25 is right keys should be secure close to you body.. That is one of the first things a new officer needs to know is key control..I have carried a baton for 6 years and never had to use it.

Male user 125.25 16 posts

You want stats, the jails are filled with C/O’s that got cracked with their own batons. Its a proven stat, partically in populated facilities equipment(weapons) of any kind can and will be utilized against staff. the numbers don’t lie, the officers are always out numbered in most facilities and anything can become a weapon, even the keys that they carry, especially those folger adams keys. they (c/o) should not carry batons, handcuffs or cuff keys, pocket knifes, or anything hanging from their uniforms. If keys are needed should be attached inside pocket until the need to be utilized. This means you must have a good response team, time is the important factor for success and the response team should be suited up for battle, known as bats and hats, does this help?

Male user James 2 posts

Good morning, look for info and advice on this topic. I am pushing this issue of CO’s carried batons in the Canadian federal system. Any info, stats etc would be helpful.

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