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Concerned Christians for Inmates


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Male user nojoke 1 post

i have been a c.o. for 23 years.for the last ten years,i hve worked as an intake officier in psy intake prison ward..its amazing how many inmates find god or allah in jail.now they all become rightious.preaching and condemming thec.o.s for the way their treated.they seem to forget their in there for rape,murder etc.that same inmate,if given the chance will assault you or cut you.if you had been a god fearing man,you would not end up with me.officiers be safe and never trust an inmate. signed NO JOKE.

Female user ingracealone 1 post

If only we could see through a person to the soul then maybe we as private citizens and corrections officers would not be duped and made to look like fools by inmates that have learned to lie and cheat from childhood. Unfortunately most of the inmates will never be trusted by corrections officers because they have formed habits from their childhood that may never be put to death until the convicts are in their graves. Habits are formed in peoples lives that take many years to put to death in our bodies, even after we have come to accept Christ as our personal Savior. Even as Christ loving people we still sin and it is better to error on the side of precaution and keep our jobs than to be duped and made to look like fools.
I have personally experienced a fellow Christian correction officer give an inmate a pen while on an outside hospital trip so that the inmate could (write down a scripture from the bible that he was reading). That inmate actually was writing to the nurse on staff that evening, that had taken care of him. He then placed his love note to her, in her uniform pocket, while she was taking his vitals, without the officers noticing. The nurse happened to be a personal friend of mine and later informed me of the situation. Morale of the story. (NEVER TRUST AN INMATE) ALWAYS BE SAFE WITH INMATES AND LET GOD BE GOD!

Thinblueline riggsville 39 posts

I have a real problem when we can treat our country’s FINEST YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN IN THE ARMED FORCES worse than our inmates. I respect and appreciate our volunteers that come week after week doing what they believe God has called them to do. I used to be one of those for a couple of years before I joined our Dept. of Corrections. I don’t waste my time trying to tell if an inmate is “really saved”. I know that NOT ALL inmates are scumbags. NOT ALL ARE GUILTY. NOT ALL ARE STUPID. BUT ALL INMATES HAVE A PROBLEM. 100%. Just as we use universal precautions for medical. I use guarded acceptance with inmates. I validate/verify EVERYTHING. AND STILL their will be that one that gets something over on me. When we make the choice to be a human being and have moderation we have to realize that we can be “had” from time to time. We just have to make sure that it is not something that is against policy or our ethics/morals. Jail / prison should be THE WORST EXPERIANCE IN A PERSONS LIFE. but still safe…Not Midnight Express…well…(thinking)…maybe in some ways an arguement could be made…Hum….

CCFJ sign me up.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts


Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

Welcome IW.

Male user Illinois Won... 15 posts

I am employed by the Illinois Department of Corrections. When I came across this site I figured it was going to be grossly tainted by hug-a-thugs or green tea drinking conservatives. I viewed this thread and knew immediately that I was truly among like minds. I feel welcome already, and I haven’t even been welcomed….It is completely putrid how inmates use religion to spin C/O’s, chaplain volunteers, heck even their families. Just yesterday I received a grievance form an inmate that was a lie from beginning to end. On the back of his I.D…..Christian. I am a Christian, but I do not let inmates know. I will not be used like that. Sign me up in the CCJ


Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

I started a rant about how stoopid it was to spend time with the perps instead of the victims, but deleted all of it when this thought sprang to my mind: Who most likely needs to hear the gospel more?

Then I thought “This is a corrections site and I shouldn’t start an unwelcome theological argument that belongs in a different forum.” Then I thought “What the hey. Someone needs to say it” so I said it.

But it’s a sticky wicket. Most inmates are using religion and not allowing it to affect their lives a’tall.

Now back to your reguarly scheduled programming.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

A Better use of these peoples time would be to care for the victims of crime. The inmates had a choice whether or not to commit their crimes but the thyeir victims had no choice. So the should save their sympathy for the innocent.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

I have no doubt in my mind that some inmates are sincere, but also realize that there are many more who aren’t sincere. I don’t get involved in the “is-he-or-isn’t-he-sincere” game and take the inmate comments at face value. I’ve gotten the brown eye attitude over the years and have decided that those who are sincere will be okay.

I’ve also had inmates tell me that all of the church groups who come through tend to be wanting to save souls and not feed those who are hungry to learn. After all, how many of them have never heard about salvation?

Male user bklynrizz 2 posts

Being a Christian I am all for reaching out to everyone with the gospel message. I’m sure some inmates are sincere. I have spoken to some people from churches who go to institutions as prison ministry volunteers and they have asked me to go. I refused and told them about the predators they were going to try and convert. I then told them about the old expression that the garbage cans outside of prisons are filled with bible’s. The expression on their face said it all.

Buckeye flag Mudflap 293 posts

I’m a little surprised this group was still there when you called. Yeah, yeah… I know… I shouldn’t be surprised.

If they truly believe that the lack of air conditioning is torture, this group should be focusing on the people of America who have to make the choice of “Do I buy food today or do I pay the electric bill”. Great aunt Mable is in more need of help than the guys I watch.

My joint isn’t air conditioned, but the cons have a better standard of living than some people whose only crime is that they aged.

Male user Siconyte 4 posts

You guys know what? I called that number, and she said that these knuckleheads not having A/C constitutes torture. Sounds like someone had a very sheltered life. I told her to slap on a grey uniform and see how she feels then!

Lion Comfortably ... 154 posts

Well, it’s Texas, I think most Texans approve of inmate abuse, don’t they? I mean, don’t you guys have an express lane for the death penalty?

It would be nice to put some of these Inmate advocates in CO uniforms and have them spend a week or two in here. See how it really is. Doesn’t matter if you’re nice to these bags of garbage, they hate you because you represent authority, not always because of how you act.Then they claim abuse to these naive religious nutjobs, and they just think they are all angels. NEWSFLASH, These guys know how to pull a con, and they CON you everytime you believe their crap.

Riot helmet Mick 307 posts

These type of do-gooders can be found everywhere. I wonder how forgiving they would be if one of their loved ones were murdered and or raped by some scumbag. Or if they were attacked in their beds during an aggravated burglary. They wouldn’t be long in singing a different tune.

Male user algrob 24 posts

Sounds good to me. CCFJ all the way.

Male user Marriedwithc... 6 posts

Anyone interrested in a good laugh call (210)737-2600 (San Antonio, Texas) and have these huggathuggs use their money to send you some of the funniest papers you have ever read. At least they would be funny if these huggathuggs were not all tax paying registered voters. These people are spending alot of money putting up billboards all over Texas claiming that Texas inmates are being abused at taxpayer expence. Their list of complaints are either outdated or out of touch with reality. If anyone knows wow we can counter these well meaning misguided voters. Mabee we can found the group Concerned Christians for Justice.

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