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If corrections had a slogan what would it be?


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41153535 61942244 Igoturback 25 posts

Don’t ever change, if it wasn’t for you I wouldn’t have a job.

Male user Afrobob 18 posts

I know this stuff happened a long long time ago but I’m just now joining the party. Anyway, @ realist02. I have a psych. degree from one of the most prestigious colleges in the country and I worked a full time job and a part time job while attending just to partly pay for it so thank you but I will continue to complain about my job as long as my complaints are warranted and substantiated. Anyway, here are another couple slogans.

Prison: Don’t like it? Don’t come here.

Do you work in prison? Then shut up.

The Department of Corrections: The world’s foremost childcare providers.

Corrections: Yes, I will bring you some toilet paper.

Prison: There’s a policy against that.

Male user Afrobob 18 posts

“Corrections: Because it sounds better than terminations.”

“Corrections: Making better criminals since 1610.”

“Corrections: We’ll take it from here.”

“Prison: You have no idea how this works, do you?”

Male user Sniper7310 14 posts

If you dont_______ Im going to slap you so hard you’ll starve to death before you stop sliding.

Male user ThePickle 8 posts

“I just had crap thrown on me and I am heavily armed. You still wanna call me a “Guard”?"

“When was the last time your kids “shanked” the Babysitter?"

Ok maybe not Motto’s but I am thinking about have them printed as bumper stickers. :)

Male user harrys 1 post

Right now our HR came up with the best 1 I have heard yet, " Just don’t make it any worst." If you work inside the joint you will know where this is coming from.

Female user sheldon043 2 posts

Firm, Fair, Consistent

100 5886 Sarge276 45 posts

Corrections- because your parents just couldn’t get it right.
Corrections- somebody has to do it.
DOC- Dept. of Catch-outs.
Police=coffee and donuts/Corrections=beans and greens
Corrections- If you only knew, you wouldn’t call me “guard.”

Srt misc 266 Striker 34 posts

Corrections= Second place=matching braclets..First place=you don’t want to know

Male user oneknight55 2 posts

Criminals can come and live at “our house”, or move in next to your house…..you decide.

Male user 125.25 16 posts

For Correction personnel their slogan should be " If it ain’t rough, it ain’t right"
For Police "rather be trialed by 12, then carried by 6
For Military “Kill them all, sort them later”
For the weak " Take a sh!t and bark at the moon"
That about raps it up folks, see you in the funnies

Male user SSG Eakes 4 posts

Dont change your ways and i’ll see you soon!!

Male user 10-8 socal 5 posts

“We don’t get paid for what we do, we get paid for what we might have to do”

Male user hollywood 2 posts

Corrections: “We couldn’t make this stuff up!”

Male user Sgt. NO 9 posts

Realist02, Are you an idiot? Have you ever dealt a person who has no regards for you or your life? Just to shut you up; I have a Masters in Criminal Justice, working on a Masters in Human behavior. I spent 20+ years in the Military. I’m well educated and making good use of it. I don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans to repy. I do this job because I like to serve my country, what do you do for a living? I bet it isn’t public service. No.. Your probably some snot nosed kid who just got canned from wall street, or better yet your sitting in prison because you stole or embezzeled funds from some retired couple. Take you hate else where. This site is for those of us who choose to do a job that, would scare the living hell out of most people.

Sgm Sergeant Major 53 posts

Stop complaining about your corrections job. If most of you didn’t party your whole high school carrer away maybe you could have gone to college and got a better job, your lucky that civil service jobs are available to lazy pieces of SH* like you. Suck it up. I know all these guys who didn’t do anything but party their faces off and barely made it out of high school with a GED and now they have jobs as COs, I cant stand when lazy people are given a break by the government.*

Unbelievable. Realist02 get a grip. Let’s see… College and a better job. (I’ve got a BA in Mathematics, MS in Computer Information Management, Microsoft Certified, Certified Executive Chef). Civil Service jobs/Break by the Government. Does 24 years in the Army mean I got a break? (I won’t go any further on that one.) As for your friends who are lazy pieces of human defecation, well that bodes well upon you. Good job. I chose to become a Corrections Officer because it seemed (and is to Me) a great second career. -SGM

As for a slogan: Don’t Come back because I’ll be waiting for you.

Male user fioys 15 posts

Corrections where we supply the bling

Male user fioys 15 posts

Corrections- Home of the Midnight Star

Male user fioys 15 posts

Corrections- Home of the Midnight Star

Male user fioys 15 posts

we are better than Motel 6, We leave the light on and give you breakfast

Male user tommo11 11 posts

If in doubt knock em out.

Flag shakey 191 posts

Silence may be golden but duct tape is silver.

Thinblueline riggsville 39 posts

@ oneknight55…Yeah, I have another that says “Inmates Bought My Car”…As has been said many times…(for us) Crime does pay….
Be Safe

Male user oneknight55 1 post

I saw this the other day…..“My Son was voted Inmate of the Month at the County Jail.” I don’t know if this was on a Deputy’s car, or someone at visitation, but I thought it was priceless!

Thinblueline riggsville 39 posts

…See my profile pic…

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