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If corrections had a slogan what would it be?


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Male user Jesusofficer 6 posts

Corrections-The Last Line Of Defense

Easteregghuntcancelled 1 Igoturback 16 posts

marriedwithc, on the nose with both. or -Don’t ever change, If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have a job.

Open 24/7- we'll leave the light on.
Male user Marriedwithc... 6 posts

work in corrections….socities sanitation workers

Male user IllPhillyPhan 11 posts

Corrections – Dealing with society’s garbage 24/7

Male user pvtsole 3 posts

marriedwith very well put lol

Male user pvtsole 3 posts

know one knows why , but hell we just do it !!!

Male user sydaus_co 1 post

we face what you fear..

Male user Marriedwithc... 6 posts

Corrections….when everything else has failed or Corrections…because lynchings are outdated

Unclesam COCSWarner 9 posts

Corrections the Judicial systems revolving door.

Male user stroh101 1 post

You wouldn’t do what I do for a million dollars…...I do it for a lot less.

Male user myounger 2 posts

Front Line Duty Every Day

Female user pointr 2 posts

Standing Tall Behind the Wall

Male user jmonta 43 posts

If corrections had a slogan or tag line (i.e. Be all that you can be, an Army of one, etc.) what would it be?

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