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May 31, 2021
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Topic: In Memory of... / QuickBooks Support Phone Number Arizona


Apr 01, 2021
Female user zombielink.p... 2 posts

Topic: The Club House / Hello Everyone, Rara is Here :)

Hello Everyone, Allow me to introduce my self, my name is Rara Clara. My first name is Rara and my last name is Clara. But, you can call me Rara. I got this name from my father, the meaning of this name is a goodness for a woman. I was born in Bandung, 23th Januari 1997. But now I live in Jakarta because I should follow my parents who live here. I live in Jakarta since two weeks ago. My father is a policeman, you can call him Mr. Aditya Hermawan and my mother is a house wife mother, you can call her Mrs. Hermawan.

Although my mother is a house wife mother, she often makes some cakes and then sell it on internet, so my mom can get her own money from her handmade cakes. I have one older brother, his name is Rangga, he is twenty three years old. I love him so much but sometime I feel crazy with him. Rangga lives in Jogjakarta because he should continue his study as a doctor in Gajah Mada University.

Although Rangga continues his study in Jogjakarta, I still continue my study in Jakarta, now I am the first term of english department in Universitas Indonesia. I decided to take this major because I like english so much. My parents ask me to be a doctor, but I don’t like it and I wanna be a translator. One of my goal is become an international translator. Sice in Senior High school, I like to follow some activities, such as scout, OSIS and so’on. In this campus, I plan to follow some activites and organization too.

One of my hobby is gathering with the other people like follow an organization and another my hobby is reading a book. I like to read, Reading is very interesting activity, I like to read a novel or a comic, Every weekend I always go to a book store to buy some books. My mom always gives me an allowance to buy some books that I like too. But, my father sometimes annoy with my hobby because he also ask me to cook some foods too. He wants I can be a good cooker like my mother, but honestly, I don’t like to cook. I prefer to read some books than to cook a food.

Beside read a book, I like singing. I always sing a song when I take a bath, it’s an interesting thing for me. I can feel so relax, but if my friends ask me to sing on the stage, I feel so afraid with it. Rangga, my brother has the same hobby with me. His hobby also sing a song, but he can play a guitar too and he braves to sing on the stage. His voice is so good, I like to hear his voice, it’s so nice.

I wanna see him as a singer not a doctor, but my father wanna him to become a doctor, and he follows what my father has said. However, I love my family so much although sometime we have different opinion but I still respect to them and I know that my family love me too.

When I relax, I also spend time playing online poker games. My favorite site is mg2hoki.com . There I got a lot of advantages playing every day. This site based in Indonesia has the highest winrate to win the Jackpot up to 99.5%.

Of course it’s not an easy thing to find a trusted site that dares to pay whatever your winnings are. But because I played at mg2hoki.com, only that site dared to pay for my winnings.

I have a little story for you, today is March 31, 2021. I won a Jackpot prize of 25 million Rupiah (equivalent to $ 1715). This victory is certainly not all sites can pay off quickly and quickly. But in contrast to the site I play, mangga2poker is willing to pay my winnings in full and the repayment process is very fast in less than 5 minutes after I fill in the withdrawal of funds.

With this victory, I plan to increase my capital to open a business selling dildos. This will certainly sound funny to your mind, but it is very beneficial for humans who have high fantasies. I plan to sell a business at Shibuya Stream, having its address at 3 Chome-21-3 Shibuya, Shibuya City, Tokyo 150-0002, Japan. If you are looking for a dildo, please come to our shop which I will be releasing soon in mid-April 2021.

Based on the fact that I have been playing on the mangga2poker site since 2016, I have managed to make approximately $ 200,000. The basic key to my winning lies in patience when playing, as well as good analysis for playing poker cards. Next time I will provide tips for you and my journey while playing on the mangga2poker site.

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