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Jun 08, 2011
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Topic: A Broader View / Prison & Slavery - A Surprising Comparison

To; RationalLaw, If the intrepretation of the 13th amendment is what it says, then why do the majority of lawyers say it only refers to slavery?
I happen to agree with the statement “inmates are wards of the state” and as such, according to the 13th amendment are slave labor. Now we also have to deal with amendment 8 about cruel and unusual punishment. Next we have to deal with the following Ashurst-Sumners, Walsh-Healey and Hawes-Cooper Acts, which were inspired by the unions and manufacturing companies so they did not loose their profits to states that had a large work force. {Watch Shawshank Redemption to see what the warden did with the inmates.} There is however, credence to the idea suggested by GalaxyDude, in that we need to reduce the burden on tax payers by reducing the black hole of Corrections. We dump inmates into the system with only ineffective programs available to attempt rehabilitation. The core of habilitation {which I use instead rehabilitation, because they first have to have the correct ideas of co-habitating with the rest of society, which they don’t} is that the offender has to have the desire to change. Without that, and all you need to do is look at the rehab centers sucess rate to see how ineffective those programs are when they are forced upon individuals, you are fighting a loosing battle. But the idea of creating work for inmates through Prison Industries and using that to help states reduce budgets by teaching them skills like carpentery, food production {to feed themselves}, welding, print shops, would be more beneficial as the inmates would learn skills when they did get out. Also Missouri’s law of having those individuals that do have psychological and other mental disorders, which prevent them from returning to society until a panel of psychiatrists finds them cured would keep those which we do not need running loose to injury others.
Now for the idea of victimless crimes, there is no such thing. Prostitution, drugs abuse, whether legal or otherwise, creates victims look at the majority of divorces, abusive behaviors and how all these crimes or should I say behaviors tear familiies apart and create an additional burden on taxpayers to fund programs to help with the fallout of such tragedies.
Having done several hours of thesis research on prison work programs and how they have succeeded only to be abused and removed because accountants, union leaders and CEOs see their profits lost. Think about this, an ideal mind is the devils workshop. If we keep inmates busy doing things that are productive, it will produce a better environment for change in their minds and help create the desire to change.
In the almost decade I have worked in corrections I have seen only a few programs that even give inmates a chance. The sucess rate is very small, but they have an out, which is that if they help only one then they have suceeded. I would hope that others wills take the time to reearch things think them through and help find solutions to our biggest black hole – CORRECTIONS. With the recidivism rate keeping our prisons full, while the crime rate goes down we need a solution to return inmates to society as productive individuals who contribute instead of drain society.

Mar 18, 2009
Male user Dazed IT/CO 2 posts

Topic: Security Central / How do they get the ash to make tats?

Also they will use lead from pencils to lay across the prongs of a plug from any electrical appliance. the lead gets hot and then paper of any sort (TP mostly) is lit and then used to ignite other papers. I have even seen them melt anti-perspirant into a soap dish, then take a pair of finger nail clippers pop the rivet out that hold them together, make a wick out of tp put it in the hole where the rivet was ignite it. This makes a fragrant candle of sorts to mask the smoke from the smoldering papers to the ash. This is usually performed at night when there is less action around their cells.

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