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Aug 29, 2008
Female user JAILRN 3 posts

Topic: The Club House / Where in the world are you

Hello all. Greene County Jail, New York.

Aug 22, 2008
Female user JAILRN 3 posts

Topic: Health & Wellness / Mandated CPR On Inmates: Good Or Not So Good?

Our officers are CPR Certified. Whether they would actually take any action if the need arose is another question. I think they should be required to respond when medical personnel are not available. We do not have 24/7 medical here. Proper training is a must, and any officer who doesnt know how to reduce his/her risks should take a quick stroll to the medical department for answers. Mind you, as correctional officers you are at risk everyday of your employment to being exposed to HIV, AIDS, HEP, MRSA, Scabies….... Why is this so hard for most (not all) officers to understand. Education is key.

Aug 22, 2008
Female user JAILRN 3 posts

Topic: Health & Wellness / How Do You Feel

I have been a jail nurse for the past 5 years. My facility is small and half of the inmates are “frequent fliers”. I work alone and have a physician twice a week for physicals. I have not been physically assaulted in the time that I have worked here. I have been verbally threatened. I believe that like all possible specialties within the health care system certain nurses like and excell in certain fields. For example, I would not enjoy ICU or medsurg. The Correctional Health Care system is challanging and offers exposure to a multitude of physical complaints (not to mention the mental health aspects). This I enjoy. I am cautious and alert when with inmates. I have officers near by when Im with inmates and I dont feel threatened. ( If you really think about it my patients have been the patients of nurses everywhere and Im the only one who has security when treating them.) My job doesnt cause a problem at home. I vent when needed but actually find this job less stressful then the Office I worked at before comming here. It’s true that you can’t “rescue” all that you come in contact with. (This isnt a pound) But every once in awhile you do get through to an inmate and they take a more productive role in the community. Its worth a shot. Drug seeking, malingering, DT’s, constant threats of legal action, medication refusal, heroin withdrawl, suicide attempts…...not so much fun to face daily. Most of the inmates dont care and dont have anyone to care for them. That is my roll. I am here to care. It is my responsibility to take care of them even if they dont want me to. (Mind you “take care of them” not “make them happy”) Its not easy. But again, when you get that one honest “Thank You” from the heroin addict you nursed through withdrawl for days it makes it all worth it (even though you know as they walk out the door chances are they’ll be back). This is not a job for everyone. You must fight for your cut of the budget. (who cares about the inmates when taxes are high as it it) You must fight the officers ( I gave him an extra sheet so he can wrap it around his neck 6 times before hanging up) You must fight mental health ( I know you said he sleeps all day but I think I will give him trazodone, seroquel, risperdal…......to help him sleep at night). If your nurses want to know what its like have them call the local jail/prison and talk to the medical staff. Shadow a corrections nurse for a day or two. Sorry for such a long response. (didnt know I had so much to say)

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