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Nov 22, 2010
Female user deputymom 2 posts

Topic: Security Central / OTJT or training prior to working

not sure what i am for at this point. situation arose at the facility where i work, frigging disheartening-a fellow officer was injured. my question is…academy after hire or work a bit first, then hit the academy. i know what i did was fine for me and others at the facility, however, would academy first possibly have helped my fellow officer respond better/more knowledge=more power

Nov 18, 2010
Female user deputymom 2 posts

Topic: Security Central / Are gangs running our prisons?

To CJ,I have only read the forums, stayed up rather late most nights, however this is one i feel strong about. No matter what type of facility you work in or have a relative/loved one calling “home” for any length of time you still must realize some things… If it is your loved one incarcerated-they either committed the crime or have one hell of a poor view on their life to want to admit to something they did not do, this being said if they committed the crime then hopefully they will take the lock-up time to better themselves and change and if you wish to blame what they did on bad friends, well the ones they meet while being locked up are absolutely no better, they do not house you with “like minded” people. Now for the part that irritates me the most!!!!! NOT all Correctional Officers are bad or crooked, those of us who took our positions to assist in the betterment of society, who are morally strong and who have a heart/conscience are of a special make from something done right in our upbringing. Of course you will never hear from your loved/locked up one about the C.O who talked to them, who listened to them, who took them from the unit before the other inmates saw the tear fall so they were not picked or beat on for being soft. You will only hear of the time the big bad C.O. told them NO (which is something most of them should have heard more of growing up). So please, the next time you wish to trash someone for doing the thing you couldn’t bring yourself to do (taking care of someone else life) just think twice! OH and, the reason for us Officers: Your so willing to let us know he has sooooooooooo much money, which leads me to think he lets all of his cellies know too, so if we were not there to keep him alive, the other inmates with less money, more muscle and more chances to a shank would have already taken his $$$$$$! YOU’RE WELCOME.

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