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Aug 25, 2009
Male user corrections.... 8 posts

Topic: The Club House / Time Off...

How do you spend your time off? What are your hobbies, interests or dreams? We’ve gotten some great responses… Here are a few…

Officer Tom King – My off duty time is comsumed as a Community Emergency Response volunteer with the Alabama State Defense Force (sdf.alabama.gov), an organization that trains with, and when needed, assist Alabama National Guard units, Law Enforcement agencies, and other Public Service organizations, including the American Red Cross providing safety, protection, and emergency support to the citizens of Alabama during disasters and peaceful events.The Alabama State Defense Force is a non-paid volunteer group authorized by the Governor of Alabama; and when activated, follows the instructions of the Adjutant General of the Alabama Army National Guard, when National Guard units are deployed.

C/O L. Brugos: DOC; Virginia – I thought it would be neat to share my off time hobbies. Walking when ever I can fit it it—(even off days can be very busy doing errands). Love to read/go to the library too. Most recently I have gotten involved with some local volunteers who crochet preemie baby blankets for various places in the state. Have learned thru doing this project that there are many places that do have many preemies born and also sometimes babies who for health reasons/whatever-unforntunatelyu don’t make it….. sometimes the blankets can become a keepsake for the family if neccessary. Also many stores do not always carry the smaller blankets for preemies. It is very relaxing to crochet things like this and also to know you can be of help to someone’s family whether you know them or not. I have made about 6 blankets and also a few preemie hats in the last 2 months or so.. When you go to the store to the crafts dept—there is such an assortment of colors to choose yarn from—you can get alot of great ideas—not just basic pink or blue for babies. Perhaps this will inspire some readers to start crochet projects of their own. Something handmade is always meaningful and appreciated by those who are receiving it.

Ian Tomkinson – I spend my spare time flying in my new aerochute.

Jeanne Linn – I play pool on a pool league. That is my destressor. I also do online college, (almost have my bachelors), so I need a day or so to play. I play on two different teams and play eight and nine ball. I’m not very good but am learning a lot from my teammates. Next I want to learn to ride a motorcycle. I am 56 and life is short!

Jun 23, 2009
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Topic: Everything Education / New blog "First Look" w/ Caitlin Donovan

“Don’t you wish more people were excited about the Corrections industry? At Corrections.com we do and we’ve opened a new blog to attract newcomers to a career in the field. While we value our returning visitors, we want to make sure that there is enough information on our site for the newcomers to learn. I am a journalism and political science student at Hofstra University and it is my job to maintain a blog for Corrections.com. I’ll be posting new questions and answers throughout the week and educating myself right along with those who are also new to the Corrections community. I could use all the help I can get, so if you work in the field and want to add your two cents, come by and comment. If you are new to Corrections and have questions, ask me and I’ll try my best to answer.”

- Caitlin Donovan

Jun 16, 2009
Male user corrections.... 8 posts

Topic: In Memory of... / Funeral for daughter of Michael Moore, SC Director of Corrections

“Good Afternoon,

Precious Angie, my oldest daughter, was called home to be with the Lord on Sunday, June 15th at 10:45 AM. Your many prayers helped and aided her to improve many times. She fought a great fight until the Lord called her home. All your calls, messages and prayers are greatly appreciated. Please continue to pray for Patrick (husband), Harley, my grandson, and for our entire family. Praise the Lord for his truly amazing Grace and we all look forward to seeing Angie soon to walk hand and hand with her in that wonderful place that He has for us.

God Bless You!

Service Arrangements are as follows:

Tuesday, June 16th,
public viewing at:
Scott’s Funeral Home, 1421 E
Highway 6, Alvin, Texas 77511 from 5PM to 8PM.

Memorial Service at:
Heights Baptist Church, 144 Country Trails
St., Alvin, Texas 77511.

In lieu of flowers the family suggest memorials be made to:
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center – Leukemia Research Department In Honor of Angela Winget
P.O. Box 4486
Houston, Texas 77210-4486"

- Michael Moore

Jun 09, 2009
Male user corrections.... 8 posts

Topic: The Club House / New movie Public Enemies opening this Friday

In my research, I discovered the following information about John Dillinger:

John H. Dillinger was a notorious thief and gangster. He robbed dozens of banks in the Midwest stealing over $300,000 between the summers of 1933 and 1934.Behavior issues were observed throughout his adolescence and after quitting school to work, obeying the law became an even tougher feat. Growing up, Dillinger had minimal structure. After working for a short time, he began staying out until all hours of the night in the city of Indianapolis where he lived with his father, step-mother and sister. John W. Dillinger feared for his son’s well-being. He knew nothing good could come of his son’s habit of staying out all night, so he moved his family to a farm away from the city. This proved to be no better for his son who enlisted in the Navy only to be “dishonorably discharged” shortly after. Following his short stint in the Navy, Dillinger was in and out of jail and eventually escaped from prisons in Lima, Ohio and Crow Point, Indiana. He was on the run with fellow inmates he met while incarcerated. Finally, Dillinger faced his demise when the FBI caught up with him outside Chicago’s Biograph Theater. This planned attack was partially devised by an acquaintance known as the “Lady in Red.” Her nickname developed because of a red dress she chose to wear in order to aid the FBI in locating Dillinger after the movie let out. Dillinger was shot five times by three FBI agents; twice in the chest and once, fatefully, in the head. He died in the hospital on July 22, 1934.

Apr 07, 2009
Male user corrections.... 8 posts

Topic: Economy & Stimulus / Stimulus Package Response

A little while back we asked if anyone in corrections had read the stimulus package. We got a passionate response from user Ecnal:

"the people who voted on this obviously didn’t read it, i.e. AIG bonuses. And they don’t realize that you can’t spend your way out of a recession. And they don’t realize that you really ought not borrow more money than you can pay back."

Anyone else out there have ideas or thoughts? We’ll publish them

Mar 31, 2009
Male user corrections.... 8 posts

Topic: Economy & Stimulus / Shift Happens

Someone forwarded me this video called “Shift Happens” put
together by an unknown on youtube. It describes exactly where we
are headed in the globalization and information age. Talk about
eye opening. You’ll immediately want to forward the link to 5
co-workers and maybe even your kids. Course it’s set to great
Scottish Highlander music which doesn’t hurt, but it will
completely floor you. I wonder how this will impact the
corrections workforce in 10 years?

Mar 24, 2009
Male user corrections.... 8 posts

Topic: Economy & Stimulus / Stewart vs. Cramer Debate

Anyone in corrections been following the debate between Jon Stewart [of the Daily Show] and Cramer of CNBC? Would love to know what we’re all thinking in Corrections about this. I’ve included a must see video clip of this most-tuned in debate. Share your thoughts.

Mar 17, 2009
Male user corrections.... 8 posts

Topic: Economy & Stimulus / Kentucky again, this time $2 million saved and $150,000 given

I realize this is the second Kentucky story I’ve posted this
month and some of you may be wondering if I live there, but I
don’t. I’m actually a Connecticut girl, but everytime I look up
Kentucky has another somethin’ somethin’ going on.

This time they’ve realized a $2 million/year savings from
helping veterans transition out of prison [aka keeping them from
becoming homeless and cycling back into prison].

This month they were awarded $150,000 in stimulus dollars to
towards program costs. The program is called Second Chance
Veterans Transitional Program, Volunteers of America. It costs
$700-$1,200/veteran and matches them with mentors and resources
to get jobs, housing, etc. So far they have helped 328 veterans
in 3 years.

Would love to hear about some other creative cost savings ideas
in other states. Hope someone will post something.

SOURCE: http://www.wave3.com/Global/story.asp?S=9996581

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