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Jun 28, 2012
Male user xfelonjoe 5 posts

Topic: Letter of The Law / Should ex-offenders be allowed to vote?

Thanks Commander!! I understand where you come from and I agree in some aspects. When I was sitting in prison I looked aroundevery day and said to myself wow what kind of dirty nasty people are here. Unfortunately I have to be labeled as
Those people, but inside I know what I am who I am and what I am about. Thank God I got my act together early in life and I will not be a statistic that will be going through the revolving doors. I personally seen guys being release, not a month passed by and they are back on a violation. It was very hard for me to find friends behind the wall. What everybody was talking about is how they committed crimes or what Crime they will commit when they get out. Going through the system I only met a handful of decent guy that we’re there for stupidity

Jun 27, 2012
Male user xfelonjoe 5 posts

Topic: Letter of The Law / Should ex-offenders be allowed to vote?

Broken system you hit it right on the money. The prison system is full of petty crime criminals! Most are in there for some type of drug conviction. I have known many people that turned their lives 360 after drugs. Now they run legitimate businesses, have families, kids, and pay taxes. So why should they be banned from voting? This is an issue that should be looked into. I myself am a perfect example. I used to live on the streets being a drug addict. I went to prison for five years and did my time. For the past seven years I have been clean and for the past five years I own my own business. I also recently opened up a fire restoration service. I help families that had their house burned down. So it doesn’t mean that if you were a drug addict you are a drug addict for life. People change. Thank you guys.

Nov 19, 2009
Male user xfelonjoe 5 posts

Topic: Letter of The Law / Should ex-offenders be allowed to vote?

Thanks Mick!!

I did not look at it like that. And yes I’ve seen everything myself what goes on in the system and you know what, Inmates get what there hand calls for. 97% of them should be beaten for breakfast lunch and diner. I hated most of everyone there. The “bloods” ,“crips”, " Latin kings" and all the rest of the garbage that’s in our prison system that should never come out. Yes I am on your side.

When it comes to voting you think a “Gang Banger” will even think of registering to vote? NO I don’t think so . First thing on there mind is where can i steal some $ so i could buy drugs and resell them. They don’t care about our community! They sell crack and heroin to there mothers and sister. VOTE? for them? hahaha they don’t even know the definition. Its Ok i get of parole in 5 years and i will get my right back and i will use them.

Nov 18, 2009
Male user xfelonjoe 5 posts

Topic: Letter of The Law / Should ex-offenders be allowed to vote?

Ok Its me again! Hello and good afternoon. I guess I am the only ex-convivt in this room. You Know what its ok today.heres a little story on me.————————-

I was not born a criminal!! My parents are from good Jewish families. They raised me right, gave me everything a kid ever wanted. But no in high school I had to be cool and try DRUGS with the girls. I liked it and from then on I was a waste. At the age of 20 I was shooting heroin and at the age of 23 i was a crack head. My father tried everything from out-patient to in-patient programs! NOTHING HELPED!!!! You know what helped 4 years behind the BIG WALL with the BIG BOYS. Like I said before I WILL NOT RETURN BACK TO THAT LIFE STYLE. I Love my freedom. I love my wife. I’m trying to have kids. My parole officer is good with me. I have money And I DON’T DRINK OR DO DRUGS!!!!!

I went to prison from stupidity!! I got charged with Burglary2 in New York State. What did i do? i was in a basment of a big building and stole a bike so i could sell it and get high. Was i right ? NO i know that but why get treated like a bad criminal? I did not kill no one i did not shoot no one and i did not Rape no one . But hay if not prison i would still be a junkie today most probabley if i was still alive.

just had to throw all that in..

Why did i speak bad on the CO’s.??? ok why whould a CO say “hay FAGOT i’m speaking to you” of when its count time and your sleeping you dont have to kick the bed and yell at the top of your lungs to scare a person. its just these things they do and get away with everyday. Now i meet some Good CO’s. I was a porter in my housing unit and our steady’d were great. so not all the CO’s but a lot of them are like that.

Nov 04, 2009
Male user xfelonjoe 5 posts

Topic: Letter of The Law / Should ex-offenders be allowed to vote?

*YES YES YES I did 3 years in New York State Prison System so does that make me an animal? hell no. I am a productive member of our society!!!!
I am a Business man that put a lot of money in uncle sams pockets. So YES YES YES YES We should VOTE and i dont care what you think. You are probably a CO that has no life but to beat on inmates becouse you taking your home shit to work! It happens every day! I got nothing else to say to you CO’s but be careful because you could end on the other side of the wall!!!!! *

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