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Nov 11, 2010
Female user cjarnold62 2 posts

Topic: Security Central / Are gangs running our prisons?

Well for one thing he doesnt have to lie. He has enough of his own money. Hes not a criminal or he wouldnt have turned him self in. So iI guess u dont know what u are talking about. U must be another crook in the prison system. Ive talked to alot of co’s and theyve quite due to the co’s are worse than the inmates. Im sorry I dont have to be lied to he has plenty of his own money. Im pretty proud of him for for putting all this behind him and he’ll be the only one come out of there with a GOOD ENDING and wont be back here.Believe me the Govener needs to start doing something about these prisons.Why do they need the co’s the inmates run the show.The state of Ohio is throwing money away.I guess I know more than u think I DO.

Nov 09, 2010
Female user cjarnold62 2 posts

Topic: Security Central / Are gangs running our prisons?

Yes they are and the judges and state could care less. They are extorting prisioners and if they tell it will only be harder on them. These co’s get paid good money for what? There’s inmates killed every day because gangs.What happened to the the legal system.I understand there is very bad people out there but there making the ones that try to do the right thing and they are treated like murders.Theres Co’s that are as crooked as the inmates.Where does it stop? Why isn’t something done.The people that can do something about it doesn’t. They don’t care unless it was one of there family members.It’s sad to see how many real crooks that work in these prisions. Ohio Prisions are bad.Like I was told by a man that worked in the Ohio State Prision years ago your just a number to them.I’m glad these Judges can sleep good at night sense they’ve never made a mistake in their life.

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