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Aug 09, 2011
Male user DT-Instructor 2 posts

Topic: Everything Education / C.O. Combat Training.

The problem in my agency is we are unionized, so no matter how much you “work” you’ll still get paid the same, depending on your seniority/longevity. Being an Instructor Trainer in self0defense for the state I get to talk with instructors from all over the state and I’ve noticed a trend. At each institution across the state you have about 5% of the C.O’s (usually your SRT trained and former military personnel) that will go hands on and attempt to control inmates. These are the same people that are often referred to as, “the goon squad or knuckle draggers”, if not for US neanderthals there wouldn’t even be anything slightly resembling the facade of control that we now have.

Aug 09, 2011
Male user DT-Instructor 2 posts

Topic: A Broader View / opinions on self defense in corrections

“Most fights end up on the ground” so where are the statistics for “Most Fights”? As far as I know the only study conducted regarding this issue was from the LAPD during the mid 90’s. It involved resistive/combative suspects, the study found that around 66% of these altercations ended on the ground. Beacause the officers were taught to cuff from this position.

In my agency our lesson plans actually tell us to take the inmate to the ground, to limit his/her options and gain control. That is not an open invitation to grapple with inmates. I agree the UFC has shown the effective skills of grappling, when you’re 1 on 1 with a referee available to stop the fight. When you’re in a pod, dorm or cellblock the last place you should be is knotted up with an inmate, like 2 cats.

Now, I do train in and teach MMA myself and it is very beneficial to learn for self-defense. Any time you can fight from any range you’re giving yourself options, not to mention the physical fitness necesssary to survive a confrontation. But, again in a prison I would suggest NOT grappling with an inmate unless you have the numbers on your side and are trying to gain control.

As far as a use of force curriculum and policy it should reflect the dynamic nature of use of force situations. It should also factor in fight or flight and special circumstances (ie. age, gender, size, relative strength, multiple attackers/officers, weapons and being on the ground). Staff should have the options available to defend themselves, but also to control inmate behavior, since this is in their job description.

As mentioned earlier in this thread report writing is the key. Write what you did and why you did it.

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