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Sep 16, 2011
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Topic: Health & Wellness / Dealing with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression?

I have a friend in the D.O.C. in Salem, Oregon. He is a guard at the State Penitentiary, in Salem. He tells me all the stories, I am sure you already know them, so I won’t bore you. They happen everywhere. He is one of those people that deals with his stress with humor. He also does not want to burden his family with what he had to go through on any particular day, so he keeps silent. What if there was a way to “get it off your chest” without telling anyone? What if it was quick, effective, and inexpensive?

Shock and trauma, pain and suffering, are not strangers to anyone on this planet. Everyone goes through them. Tension, pressure, stress, anxiety, depression, and other negative mental and emotional states affect everybody. Civilian, military, police, C.O.’s, and also their loved ones and families. The trauma affects everybody. There is a new work that can help!!!!

I personally had stress and anxiety from getting Grave’s Disease. It is an auto immune disorder, it ate my thyroid, and so I had hormone imbalance, and was “always edgy”. I was like that for about 8 years, (I would have horrible tantrums and such, and would cry if I so much as dropped a slab of butter!!!! It is really horrible). I also had a stroke in the mid 90’s.

Then I started doing this technique that discharges negative emotions and other negative conditions in the mind. Irritation is not necessarily an emotion, but it is a negative feeling. Frustration is very much like an emotion, but it is actually a “state” you are in, like irritation. Tension, pressure, stress, anxiousness, desperation are states and results, they can be a “cause” but can also be an “effect”. Watching a Horror Movie can have tension being depicted, this is supposed to make you FEEL that tension, so your “tension” is from an outside source. That would be a cause, but the Tension you feel is an Effect. Panic is an intense fear, therefore is an emotion. Oppression, Suppression, Repression, and thus Depression can come from many sources, generally from outside ourselves. They are States and Conditions, that get put on us, and Depression is a Result.

I found I could not take anti-depressants. They are not actually anti-depressants, they are anti-emotion pills. I felt like a wooden door with a hole in my chest. And I had the chills in the morning so bad I did not know what was going on. They don’t make you feel better, nor raise your mood. They just drug you so you are pacified. That is not HAPPINESS.

WELL….What if you did not have to take anything for Stress, Anxiety and even Depression? What if these conditions had the same mechanism and were not just chemical?

There is a NEWLY discovered technique for negative emotional states. It is described in a book and DVD titled, "Happiness Is No Chargeā€.
This website gives details and shows where to get the book and DVD.


Sigmund Freud discovered a technique at the end of WW1 that he called “The Talking Therapy”, it was for shell-shock victims. He found that if he could get a soldier to “open up” and talk about what happened to him, then he could get better.

That required a therapist. This is a Personal Therapy, no practitioner is needed. You don’t have to tell ANYONE what is going on with you. It is not necessary to give a 2 hour description of what went on. Only the EMOTIONAL CONTENT is necessary. (Big Time Saver!!) Negative emotions can be stopped, many times in just a few minutes. That is CORRECT, MINUTES!!!! Shock and Trauma, Pain and Suffering, can be addressed and alleviated with this technique, because it gets at what is holding the trauma in place. It is called…“Traumatic Charge”. That term has been around awhile, but you might not be familiar with it.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Irritation, Frustration, Suppression, Repression, Compulsion, Obsessions, habits, can either get relief or even disappear, as well as other negative mental states. Interestingly enough, they all have the same mechanism in the mind!!!! That is why the same technique can work for each one!!!!! NEW DISCOVERY!!!!!

The technique is a simple 1, 2, 3, step technique and can actually be learned from the concept behind it, to the technique itself in about FIVE MINUTES!!!!! I think a six year old could learn it and do it.

No kidding, I have been doing the technique for over to two and a half years now! I have used it on all of the above conditions, emotional or otherwise. It has stopped some things “in its tracks”, in very short order. It has relieved other things so they are less. Even some physical effects from my stroke in the mid 90’s have been relieved. The pressure behind my right eye was relieved and vanished!!! I still had that pressure even going to the Chiropractor and doing Cranial Adjustments for 7 years, so that was not the cause of that pressure. IT WAS A PSYCHOLOGICAL REMNANT FROM THE TRAUMA OF THE STROKE!!! That is why it vanished. Even with a chemical problem because of having no thyroid, (Grave’s Disease since 2002), it works and you are back to CALM. Because the above conditions are not just chemical. Depression is a RESULT!!! NOT A CAUSE!!!! Get rid of the psychological CAUSE of the Depression and it can be alleviated. The chemistry is JUST A REACTION!!!!!!! In other words, it is just a symptom!!!!!! Get to the source of the problem. Treat that, it will disappear regardless of the chemistry!!!!!! I know it works because I have out chemistry…..yet I can become calm very quickly with this technique!!

My stress and anxiety from my conditions, and because of my conditions used to be a 10+ and beyond! I used to be in a constant state of anxiety and agitation. Now my stress is generally 0-1. The background anxiety that used to be there is gone. When I start feeling negative emotions come on in a situation, I just start doing the technique, and it is generally over with in a few minutes, depending on the intensity of the traumatic charge. Greater charge takes longer to reduce.

You came into this world and were generally happy. That was normal. There was an article on the Colorado Supermax Prison. A guard there said, “I wish I could get back to normal”. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get back to normal? A calmer and happier state? Regardless of what has happened to you, and what you have seen, heard, and gone through? Isn’t that the goal??? THAT WOULD BE VICTORY!!!! Getting back to normal.

This work describes the technique and how to do it. You and your loved ones can make good progress in very little time. I noticed benefits right away, and in several months, I noticed I was feeling better in general much of the time. There are days now where I don’t need to do the technique, and I react better when something does happen. My tolerance for some things has increased, as I am not on edge all the time. Generally calmer….like I used to be….

It is well worth your time checking it out! And the two versions are inexpensive.
Be Well and Happy.


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