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Oct 13, 2011
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Topic: Security Central / A question about cellphones

I usually dont care if inmates have cellphones. I dont really care about much anymore. Since my wife cheated on me with a salesman from the hyundai dealership and took the kids and dogs with her I’d love to make some extra cash from bringing in cellphones. Child support and alcohol gets expensive. Bad thing is they have started patting us down and searching us since another officer got in trouble for bringing in contraband so I cant bring anything in. I just go to work and get my 8 hours of hell over so I can stop by the liquor store in uniform and go home to my 1 bedroom apartment and watch reruns of the xfiles. Its about all I get on regular tv since I cant afford even the basic cable package. I used to be able to bear my job of getting diet trays fixed and staring at butts and nuts by coming home to my family. The antidepressants and alcohol slowly started to wear on my wife, I started to gain weight from the alcohol, eating bad and no desire for any type of exercise. My hair started going grey and falling out from the stress and i was always mad. We bought a new family car and the young handsome college grad stud that conned us into a korean suv also conned himself into my wifes pants. I see these new officers that are still motivated, wearing full duty belts with 3 pairs of cuffs and ear pieces and enforce all the rules. They have blue line stickers everywhere, some even have fop tags on their cars. so they can pretend they are cops. They are so shocked by how us old guys dont care about silly rules, and how some people bring in contraband to make money. 10 years down the road when they are depressed, fat, divorced, and thousands in debt they will be sneaking phones in anyway they can. I had plans to play college ball after highschool, go to college start a business, and retire early. Now I just hope for a shanking and contemplate borrowing an inmates sheet.

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